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dining room thoughts

yellow dining inspirationI did something a little impulsive this weekend: I ordered a banquette. A yellow one, in fact!

If you’re in the market, MGBW is having a good sale on stock furniture right now. But what brought me down to their Soho store was 20 percent off any custom furniture. Including a curved banquette I’ve had my eye on since I started thinking about a round dining table.

I had been toying with yellow as an accent since I painted the dining room white, but as soon as I saw the Citron swatch in the store, I made up my mind. The only thing that held me back before was it going too Palm Beach (I know, I know!) and Viceroy (I know!). I love hollywood regency, but not as a full-on theme-y theme. Instead, I want a comfortable dining room that has the tools to be formal on occasion: sparkly chandelier, art hung salon-style, roomy chairs, and perhaps built-ins some day.

Of course, now that I’ve ordered the banquette, we’re going to cool it on dining room purchases until we recover and perhaps do not-house-related things with our money. And I’d like to see what the room feels like with a big yellow piece, live with it for a while. The rules of this decorating game (and really everything) are “quick, cheap, and good: choose two.” I made my quick and good purchase, time to find some cheap and good ones, which will take time!

{Images: Elle Decor via Good Bones Great Pieces / via CocoCozy / via The Art of the Room / Domaine Home}

yellow floral

yellow floral

I love this color combination; it’s quintessential Palm Beach, and a perfect start for spring.

Have you looked at Zara’s tabletop collection lately? It’s fantastic for injecting pattern or color to your existing set. I’m in desperate need of dessert plates and these caught my eye.

Zara Home Tucan Soup Plate / Kate Spade Ila Shoes