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floridaI got back late Monday from Florida, and what a successful trip it was! I ate every meal outside, drank outside, shopped outside, and saw the ocean.¬†Somehow it had been 5 years since I last visited–a strange realization considering I spent most school vacations at my grandparents’ home there.

All of those formative years spent floating in a screened-in pool, napping on rattan love seats, and eating fresh-picked grapefruits for breakfast have made me very fond of the state, faux bamboo and all. So it should be no surprise that I bought these from Circa Who in West Palm Beach:rattan chairs

They were marked half off, so even when the shipping was factored in (a not inconsequential amount), the chairs, individually, were still less than $200 each. The cushions aren’t attached to the chairs, so when I eventually find fabric to have them redone, it won’t be as costly as upholstery. But the colors in the cushions work with what I have, so there’s no rush.

And now I’m reinstating my moratorium on faux bamboo. But if I ever retire to Florida, I am set.

what should we do in morocco?

I don’t think I’ve fully processed this yet, but we are, in fact, going to Morocco in May. We booked the flights and riads, so we have a basic travel itinerary in place. But what we haven’t figured out is what to do!

We fly into Tangier and immediately leave (I believe our itinerary says “GTFO of Tangier”) for Chefchaouen, a small city known for its vibrant blue buildings. We’re staying three nights there so we can do some leisurely exploring.

Then we go to Fez for two nights. I will admit I mostly insisted on this city because of their leather goods–I really want to get my mitts on some poufs!

riad el fenn

image by Patrick Cline

The final leg of the trip is Marrakesh. We’re there four nights, split between two hotels. Ever since I designed a feature in Lonny on the El Fenn, I’ve wanted to stay there. It’s a splurge for us, so we’re making it work by going a bit cheap on other riads, which is not a difficult thing in Morocco!

One day in Marrakesh will definitely be dedicated to shopping in the souks and another to just lounging it up at the fancy riad. So that leaves a full day of doing proper tourist things.

So, if you’ve visited any of these cities, what is essential to see or do or eat?

travel: merida, mexico


For my husband’s birthday this year, we went to Merida, a historic colonial city 4 hours from Cancun. Merida’s been on our radar for almost a year. When we start to feel tired of the city–wanting more space, wanting to feel like we have an adult home and not this crappy apartment that we spend more on than most people do on their mortgages–we pretend it’d be easy to drop everything and buy a house in Merida, sight unseen. So to make that fantasy seem a bit more attainable, we visited.

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bon voyage!

packing list
I’m finishing the marathon that is a Lonny launch, and then before the issue even hits the web on Sunday, I’m off to Bermuda! So while I won’t have a link here handy, please check out the June/July issue! I have no doubt you will recognize the spreads I designed (they are so damn cute).

Next week I have a few guest posters on the blog, so don’t forget to visit! Sarah from Note to Self, Roxy from My Cup of Te & Society Social, and Lauren from I Love You Much will pop in with their very brilliant posts. Quality stuff!

And how much do you love this tropical packing list from Kate Spade? It so puts me in the mood for this much-needed vacation!

Have a great week!

baton rouge for the weekend

gone south
Cutting out a little early here for the weekend, with a 7 am flight to Baton Rouge for a family wedding. We definitely could use a break from the job search process!

This will be my first southern wedding and I am SO into it. Everything has been incredibly formal so far, down to the completely hand-calligraphed invitations, that I cannot wait to see this reception. Going to be gorrrrgeous.

{Images: Rifle Paper Co. / J.Crew / Southern Living}