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guest room additions

daybed and sconceWhen my brother came to housesit for us in May, we rushed out to Ikea to buy a daybed and mattress. Now with everything going on with our electrical, my parents are coming out in September to help us with those projects, and now I’m starting to give the guest room/office some side eye. The only real creature comfort here for guests is a sconce, since we can’t use a nightstand with the trundle. Otherwise, I have pancake-flat pillows and not much else.

I do love the bedding though. It’s a Carleton Varney quilt set from HSN (sadly sold out now). I have been obsessed with this particular print for years, so when I saw it, I bought it without really thinking. This room has some major primary color vibes now, breaking almost every rule about guest rooms.

ysl love postcards

Fortunately for me, I do have a little plan to class up the joint. When I was in Morocco, I bought a bunch of these postcards at Jardin Majorelle. Yves Saint Laurent sent out these designs as a New Years’ greeting every year; I just liked the colors. The top card was hitting all the right notes for me in terms of a color palette, so I poked around online to see if there are any reproduction posters I could use as art in here. There weren’t, but I did find a pretty great magazine cover.

So goals for this room before September: buy fluffy new pillows and hang up some art. Wildly ambitious stuff!

glitter bulletin board

glitter bulletin boardI did a silly project this week. I ordered a bulletin board for the office and thought I’d turn it into a fabric-covered memo board. So when my board arrived, I did not expect it to have a stiff plastic backing that would make stapling fabric to it pretty difficult. I needed a Plan B.

Because I’m not terribly creative, Plan B involved ribbon and Magna-Tac. I pulled this gold glitter ribbon from my ribbon stash and got to gluing. I told you it was a silly project.

garden tourThis weekend is the garden tour in Jackson Heights. My building along with the other historic garden coops open their gardens to the public only one weekend a year. If you’re free and in NYC this weekend, come out!

elevating every day objects

goblet pen holderWhen it comes to organizing office supplies, I much prefer re-purposing containers from your home, rather than buying generic plastic pen holders. It looks pretty, but also gives new life to orphaned glasses and say, commemorative margarita glasses (I wouldn’t know anything about those). So when I unpacked all of my desk supplies, I combed through a box of props in search of containers.

I picked out three different glasses in varying heights for visual interest. I wasn’t worried about color since my office decorating motto has been basically “anything and everything is cool with me.” The squat tumbler that is really a votive holder is the perfect size for my old business cards and mini pens. I really, really like miniature writing implements. The aqua cordial glass was orphaned by my bad packaging skills, so now it’s found new life as a paper clip holder. And the brass goblet is really a trophy of some sort, complete with an inscription on the other side (1st place!).

There’s something to be said about displaying every day objects as if they were works of beauty themselves. Having a pretty display of pens doesn’t make doing the bills easier, but it sure makes me feel fancy when I sit down at my desk every morning. That’s enough.

the office: beginnings

salsa red office
white desk
expedit bookshelvesred officeLast week I painted the office/guest room red. I wanted to get the room functional as a work space for now, and I’m really happy with it, crazy color and all!

If you remember from the apartment tour, this room was straight-up pepto pink. I had toyed with doing a light color –even white!– but the thought of covering pink (and the strangest shade of purple below the chair rail) was more than I could process. Then, as I was unpacking, I came across this pairing: tomato red and hot pink. The red was the lid of a Kate Spade box, so off I went to the paint store looking for a match.

I had two contenders: Benjamin Moore Tomato Red and Salsa. Both are bright red-oranges, but Salsa is far less neon. After much sighing over the benefits and drawbacks of bright bright red vs. bright red, I went with Salsa.

The red covered the purple below-the-chair-rail business in two coats, and needed three for the light pink on the top half of the wall. I knocked the whole room out in 1.5 days; usually I don’t have the luxury of a mostly-empty room, so I wanted to take advantage!

For now, the furniture is all Ikea. When I get to the part where I actually make this a guest room as well, I’ll get a vintage headboard and some tortoise matchstick blinds to make the room a little less “BRIGHT WHITE ALL THE THINGS.” Not that I don’t love this new lacquered Expedit, and the desk that fits perfectly over the radiator. Plus, the desk is great for shooting small tabletop vignettes, something I’d like to get back to doing soon.

I just can’t tell you how nice it is to be working in a room that isn’t my bedroom. And not the living room either! I feel heaps more productive in here– getting most of my work done during daylight hours and having a place for all of the things I need for styling is amazing. Our dog, Lily, has also adopted the room as “hers”: she has scattered all of her toys in here, and you can often peek in and find her rolling around on the rug. Lily must love red too.

{Resources: Linnmon/Godvin Tabletop – Ikea / Branas Rattan Baskets – Ikea / Emma Cotton Rug (similar) – Madeline Weinrib / Lantern – Pearl River Mart / Michelle Table Lamp – Amazon}

the new (mini) home office

small home office
We did some rearranging a few months ago, and the biggest change was my desk placement. My previous desk used to live in the living room, i.e. the days of absolutely no work-life balance, when my idea of hanging out with my husband was merely being on my computer in the same room as him. Ha!

I decided to move my workspace into the bedroom, which meant the parsons desk was too large for the space. At the time of this decision, I was still working for Lonny and in an office full-time, so not having a serious work area wasn’t a huge deal to me. Now, even though my work situation is back to being at home, it’s turned out fine. I keep much better hours now instead of working through the night, and when I just need to do research online, I use my husband’s laptop on the couch.

So, things: I ordered the Celine Nailhead Table from Society Social in Sprig with the French Natural nailheads. I had serious difficulties choosing between that color and the Citron because I love me some chartreuse. Turns out Citron was sold out at the time and my decision was a lot easier!

The table works well if you have a narrow space. I can fit my Wacom tablet when I need it, so it’s not too diminutive. Right now I’m just using a spare dining chair, but eventually I’ll get an armless Louis.

And that pretty swatch? I ordered a sample from Biscuit Home for their duvets and shams. Between a new duvet and a little bit of art (that I have a project in mind for), the bedroom is so close.