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of the moment: september edition

september 2013
Earlier this week I ordered a pair of vintage perfume ads to hang in my upcoming office, but I couldn’t stop browsing them all. They’re a gold mine of type specimens and inspiration, witty color palettes, and wacky beauty claims. Fun stuff.

Last night at an event at the Design Center, I took a spin through the 1st Dibs showroom, something I’ve meant to do for a long time. It’s full of decor goodies, as you’d expect. There was an amazing Karl Springer snakeskin table–usually I’m pretty meh over impossibly chic stuff, but I was transfixed. Legit snakeskin is not really in my future, but the faux versions look pretty chic too, and can handle a coaster-less drink.

Oh the much ballyhooed Marc Jacobs Beauty line. I haven’t rushed out for it, but this shade of pink is pretty perfect. And it matches the vintage print, another important consideration.

{Vintage Perfume Ad / Draper Accent Table – Society Social / Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer – Sephora}

of the moment: august edition

of the moment augustOf the Moment is back, mostly because it conveniently lets me chat about very disparate things.

One of my friends handed me two books at the beginning of the summer. I’ve managed to read three chapters of one. Truthfully, this has not been a reading summer for me–I am in the middle of three books right now, and there are no signs I will repent and finish them soon.

It’s not that I’m ferociously busy –I find time for True Blood, after all– I am just beginning to notice I have a severe case of internet brain. Right now I am resisting the urge to open another tab and check my blog feed, except I know absolutely nothing has happened since I last checked. And this obsessive need of mine to know more was what made me once an interesting person!

My parents had a set of encyclopedias from the 1960s. Not totally up to date on Russia, but it did teach me the soliloquy from Hamlet. I’d open a random page, read the entry, and then, finding an unknown tidbit in the aforementioned entry, look up that. The analog rabbit hole.

I kept this hunt up in the college stacks. Writing a collection of poetry where the speaker addresses birds? Time to cross-reference every mention of birds in poetry. What’s this? A species I’ve never heard of? Audubon time! I supplemented these library sojourns with Youtube clips of birdcalls and JSTOR essays on the sublime and deconstruction. It was an innocent time.

That was all a very long way of saying I haven’t read anything in a while. And maybe trying to convince myself to take up yoga because lordy knows I’m in trouble when my next stop on the internet, upon finding that nothing is new or interesting, is Buzzfeed.

Oh and here are some pretty things I’d like to acquire. If you want to see the eyeshadow in action watch this video.

{True Blood / Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow – Nordstrom / Nine West Flats}

of the moment: splatter

blue splatter

Ever since I saw this bathroom, I’ve had a bit of a thing for a blue splatter print. Now it’s everywhere! You can wear the print while sitting in your splatter room, eating off splatter dishes! Zach Braff is totally going to use that tableau in his Garden State sequel.

{Hinson and Co. Spatter Wallpaper / The Skinny Jean in Splatter Paint – Saturday / Blue and White Splatter Bowl – Furbish}