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fourth anniversary

polka dot dressYesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. I got back from a press trip to North Carolina earlier in the day, so I didn’t really feel like doing the whole Manhattan thing. So instead I put on my new favorite Zara dress, an oldie but goodie Revlon lipstick, and we went out in Astoria.mars oysters
Mar’s is an oyster bar with a speakeasy vibe and fantastic cocktails. We were absolute gluttons. First an oyster, mussel, clam, shrimp, and crab claw platter. Then a 48 ounce steak with truffle butter “for two” that we nibbled at…and wrapped up for home. Everything was washed down with champagne and gin cocktails. peonies
As for an anniversary gift, Kirk brought home hot pink peonies. I carried those in my wedding bouquet, so I think it’s sweet he remembers that particle shade of pink.

Have a great weekend and happy Father’s Day!

guest post by roxy from my cup of te


I’m so tickled to share this next guest post! Roxy shares her NYC Cocktail Culture Crawl (for travelers and Manhattanites alike!)

Hey y’all! Roxy here with My Cup of Te and Society Social! I’m so delighted to be keeping you company while Colleen is on vacation!As a gal smitten with NYC, I have to admit that one of the things I head-over-heels lurrrve about my city (cue Patrick Stump and Lupe please 😉 ) is the outrageously inventive cocktail culture.  It wasn’t until my recent visit to the new-on-the-scene Paris transplant, The Experimental Cocktail Club, that I really started to appreciate the genuine high proof panache that New York City bartenders manage to mix and muddle up like no other. One “Curious Prescription” and “Black Heart” later, I began to fully realize the copious amounts of cray cray cocktails at my thirsty little finger tips, or mouth rather!I’ve rounded up 10 boozy spots in some of my favorite New York neighborhoods where I would love nothing more than to congregate- you, me, Colleen when she’s back, and pour a few outlandish libations down the hatch. So won’t you hold the rum and coke? The vodka tonic? I hope your answer comes in two words– Bottoms up!

  1. Lafitte’s Swizzle– Maison Premiere- Williamsburg
  2. Mayatl – Hudson Clearwater – West Village (My most favorite restaurant in the city!)
  3. Damn Son! – Cienfuegos – East Village
  4. The Garden Fizz – Rye House – Union Square
  5. Masterly Touch – Beauty & Essex – Lower East Side
  6. El Peppino Fresco – The Randolph at Broome – Little Italy
  7. #88 – Hurricane Club – Flatiron
  8. Good ‘n’ Plenty – Treehouse Bar at David Burke Kitchen – Soho
  9. Kaffir Gimlet – Macao Trading Co. – Tribeca
  10. Cherry Bloom– Cadaques – Brooklyn

See 107 more cocktails here!

staying a while longer

I have happy news, finally. My husband accepted a job offer here in New York, so here is where we’ll stay for the next few years.

The process was certainly dramatic, though. We had an early verbal offer in Long Island that fell apart, and then a formal one in Raleigh. We thought hard about Raleigh, but ultimately felt a little too young to be settling down.

Not that I particularly hated the idea of having a dishwasher, an extra bedroom, and a bathroom that doesn’t inspire fear. Those things would be nice.

We’re simply not done here. I haven’t even been to Williamsburg yet, which is some kind of 20-something crime.

Besides designing for Lonny right now, I have crafty little plans. Oh and new posts for next week, because I owe you big time.

{Image above: moire ribbon samples from Mokuba. Very lovely ribbons. Very expensive ribbons.}


Nothing is finalized yet, but it’s quite probable now we’ll be moving out of the city by the end of the month.

We never meant for New York to be our forever city. We moved here because we could–we were young enough that the risk of working at a start up didn’t seem all that bad. Then some unfortunate things happened to us this year, and we are more risk averse because of it.

Still, we didn’t want this chapter to close so soon.

Once everything’s official I’ll update. But I need to take a few days off from blogging, so I can look at houses and try to get my existing client workload finished.