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favorite mags

mag subscriptionsFor the past month, all of my subscription renewals for magazines have been rolling in, prompting me to decide what to cull from my herd. Harper’s Bazaar, my lone fashion magazine, I subscribe to mostly for its layouts and, since it’s only $5 a year, I see no reason to quit. As for my shelter titles, I’m on the fence about Elle Decor and Veranda–I’ll probably keep them because the subscriptions are fairly inexpensive ($15/year), but not every issue blows me away.

You know who is killing it in my book though? House Beautiful. I am so, so tired of black and white everything, so the fact that at least one interior in every issue will have color on the walls (the horror!) is refreshing. Plus, the market editors there strike a good balance between aspirational and attainable.

I’m toying with trading my Elle Decors/Verandas for World of Interiors. It’s a monster of a subscription, over $100/year since it’s an English title, but the issues that I’ve seen are gorgeous. Bloggers do a pretty good job of sharing notable photos from the other mags, and World is just so special.

So I’m curious: what are your favorite mags, or do you find blogs enough for inspiration?