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of the moment: splatter

blue splatter

Ever since I saw this bathroom, I’ve had a bit of a thing for a blue splatter print. Now it’s everywhere! You can wear the print while sitting in your splatter room, eating off splatter dishes! Zach Braff is totally going to use that tableau in his Garden State sequel.

{Hinson and Co. Spatter Wallpaper / The Skinny Jean in Splatter Paint – Saturday / Blue and White Splatter Bowl – Furbish}

tips to beat the heat

stay cool

This is my second summer without central air, so I’ve learned a thing or two about staying cool! These are some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1.  When the weather forecast predicts high temps, you need to take a few steps: close all shades and curtains before it gets hot, and close the windows. We’ve been swinging from pretty mild temperatures to blazing hot ones, and I was able to keep our apartment cool on a 95 degree day without even turning on our air conditioner, partly because my shades were drawn, and I closed the windows the night before.

Bonus: This setting is perfect for pretending you’re Rosa Coldfield in Absalom! Absalom! 

2. Only open windows at night, preferably from the top, to let the warm air escape.

3. Wear as little clothing as possible. You’re in your own house; feel free to skank it up.

4. Make judicious use of fans. The constant breeze helps a ton!

5. Spray bottles are fine friends. Before bed on particularly balmy nights, I mist myself with ice water. Cold washcloths on your pulse points works too.

6. Drink the dang water. I am not a big water person. However! When it’s this freaking hot, I will drink my water and like it. A slice of lemon doesn’t hurt either.

{Romper / Hair Ties / Spray Bottle / Fan / Ice Bucket}