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happy holidays

tumblr party elves

I just finished the holiday party circuit this week, the capstone being a party at the Standard. I think I’ve had an unspeakable amount of champagne, or perhaps there is no such thing.

Have a lovely holiday!


new year
2011 was one of those years where things went so right and so wrong.

At the start of the year we had just moved to New York, so I was determined to make the most of my life in the city — namely, taking a class at Parsons. That class helped me land an internship at Lonny magazine. It was meant to be short-term, but I ended up staying.. indefinitely!

Other notable moments of the year: visiting a letterpress studio in Brooklyn, meeting blogger friends in New Orleans, scoring a Jonathan Adler chair for cheap, celebrating my first wedding anniversary, and learning to be grateful for the beauty in our world.

My 2011 has a very real divide. Everything before June 23, and after. I was in a car accident with a drunk driver that day, which left me with a crushed wrist, broken sternum, fractured vertebrae, a broken leg, a stretched ACL, and internal injuries. If you pray for anything, pray for your health above all. And universal health insurance.

Once I could walk again, I got a very important hair cut. And then did lots of shopping. Retail therapy, so important.

What’s in store for 2012? I’ve been working for Jenny Komenda since the fall, and I’m now assisting her with room designs! I’ll be at Alt this month too, so the year is off to an amazing start already.

We did a low key New Year’s, ending with fireworks at Grand Army Plaza. I’ve always been a crier; it’s almost as if I can feel the moment slipping away, and I mourn it in the instant. So while watching the fireworks, I fought back tears. The metaphor of the moment was too much.

To a very lovely 2012, hopefully filled with many more transcendental moments. And maybe a tad less drama.

christmas 2011

We spent the holiday in the city, so it was low key but nice all the same. I seem to have the only parents in the world who don’t insist I come home for Christmas, which I’m thankful for. They visit us often, and they accept being together when we can is the most important thing, not what date it happens to fall on. So we mailed gifts and planned for a cozy day at home.

On Christmas Eve we took a walk through our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights on the brownstones. It was completely still out, with very few pedestrians scurrying around. We looped around with a thermos of hot cocoa, taking in the uncanny scene. And then, in a moment of divine brilliance, we heard the burst of carols, as a nearby church let out its Christmas Eve service.

Of course there were sugar cookies. I made the icing much to thin this year. Major bummer.

We had the loveliest Christmas dinner of roasted pork shoulder with kumquats, brussel sprouts gratin, and a beet salad, plus some bubbly. So lucky to have a husband that loves to cook.

White Christmas capped off our evening. I will never, in all my life, tire of Bing Crosby’s singing and Vera Ellen’s dancing. The final scene always makes me cry!

How was your holiday?

christmas in a tiny apartment

apartment christmasThis is our first year decorating for Christmas, despite having lived together for 3.5 years. We’ve always been somewhere else for Christmas, or in last year’s case, we just moved and were existing among boxes, so it never made sense to decorate.

Our ornaments are mostly from Target, glittery bright things because I have the taste of a child. I did buy two “real” ornaments from Bloomingdales, to start a proper collection.

At some point I’d love to swipe my mom’s stockings. They were originally hers and her siblings, embroidered with their initials. She would just turn them around for my brother and I when she hung them. They are beyond festive and adorable–green and red ticking stripes with rick rack trim–but I will accept these sequined stockings for the time being.

Our tree is perfectly pathetic. It’s maybe 4 feet tall, and its backside is missing. I could carry it by myself, let’s put it that way. I’m pretty sure people snickered at us as we walked home with our Christmas branch. Whatever, Brooklynites. You’re just jelly.

While we decorated tree, we had warm cider and were able to listen to maybe four Mariah Carey Christmas songs before we were finished. So the tree has that going for it.

Are you decorating this year?

holiday cards: the butter nyc

the butter nyc

butter holiday cards

I am loving these custom holiday cards from The Butter, a small “custom design vending machine” based here in NYC. Customize the color and add your personal message for holiday cards in a jiffy.

Customized cards start at $78; custom stamps from $39. They also offer digital files for the DIYers out there!

Plus! If you’re quick and order today, you can get 20% off with the code CYBER on orders over $100!

{From top: Happy Holidays NY card / Holiday Ribbon stamp / Merry Feliz Joyeux card}