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fabric mix: turquoise and tropical floral

turquoise mix
Once my sofa’s fabric hits the skids, I’ll probably reupholster it in something a little wacky. My love for florals knows no bounds.

So this is my take on tonal layering. Shagreen wallpaper, a clean-lined sofa in a huge allover floral print, and stools in the raddest (and on sale!) turquoise leather.

{Schumacher Shagreen wallpaper in Caribbean / Scalamandre Capricorn leather in Turquoise / Carleton Varney Shannongrove fabric}

latest fabric love

fabric love
I love shopping for fabric and wallpaper perhaps more than anything. I get so excited by the possibilities–despite living in a three room apartment. My life is too short (and apartment too small) for all of the beautiful fabric in the world!

I popped into the D&D yesterday with Jenny, just for funsies. It’s nice to go without a purpose, just taking in the inspiration and filing things away in my head for later.

The pom pom fabric at the top is Schumacher. I do enjoy pom poms.

This one isn’t actually a fabric, it’s a Designers Guild wallpaper. Check out that texture!

I can’t get this Schumacher “Twinkle” drapery fabric out of my head. How gorgeous would these be in a bedroom? Or an upholstered wall? So glam! The fabric runs for over $80 a yard, so I’ll keep on dreaming.

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fabric mixing

fabric banner
I’ve been kicking around a ton of small projects for the apartment, and now, thanks to Jenny‘s beyond awesome fabric stash, I’m actually doing them. Amazing, that.

First up is my bedroom. The closet curtains are done and I’ll be posting those soon, but of course there is more to do! The room is a very light gray and my bedding is mostly white with lilac embroidery, so the room sorely needs color (for my color-addicted tastes, that is).

The crazy floral is called “Mulberry Plantation” from Brunschwig & Fils. But really, it’s the crazy floral.

There’s a tonal chevron thing going on in this one. It’s by Bloomcraft.

I’m debating using this little guy in the bedroom too. I like the smaller scale of the print, plus orange is one of my faves.

Then I have my dining chair project. I’m painting the chairs an electric blue (the colors here are off, it’s much brighter), and making seat cushions out of this pink fabric by P. Kaufmann. It’s really neat stuff; there are different scenes with different birds, so each cushion won’t be exactly the same. So fun.

I painted the bathroom yellow last winter, but the color is a little much for me. So I’m painting it a pale pink. How amazing is this rose fabric for a flat skirt around the sink? It looks hand painted, so beautiful.

This ikat is a contender for a pelmet in the bathroom. I want something unfussy, given the pink walls and the ultra girly floral.

My big fear for the bathroom is that it’ll veer into Paris theme territory, since the room has black and white tiles and I’m about to paint it pink. So it’s important to introduce other colors or patterns that make it clear, no, I’m not a Francophile. That’s why I love this stripe for a pelmet–it has a hot pink running through it, but also a boatload of other (gorgeous) colors, so it’s not matchy matchy absurdity. Just pretty.

So that’s me and my fabric problem.