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kitchen color palette

forsyte saga interiorI was watching The Forsyte Saga on Netflix (the English and their smack talk!) when I was struck by this room. It’s very formal and fancy, but the combination of a steely blue and goldenrod yellow felt so modern. It’s also happily relevant, because one of the colors of linoleum I’m considering for the kitchen floor is yellow. And god, am I starting to feel pangs of longing toward damask again?

So then I got to scheming, and this whole business happened:kitchen color palettes

Really and truly I like them all.

Some colors are safer for resale though. With the Marmoleum floor colors, for instance, most people seem to have strong feelings about yellow. And while blue (I think?) is inoffensive, certainly most buyers would pout at a vivid blue. Yes, I could get color on the floor with a rug, but I don’t have my own washing machine–if I had a kitchen rug, it’d be a filthy kitchen rug. So maybe vintage blue or rosemary are safest, if I care about future buyers.

All of the paint colors are from Farrow & Ball. I’m partial to blue and green color palettes, but I’m telling you, the blue-gray and chartreuse-y gold combo is growing on me. Which now that I think about it is just another permutation of blue and green. I’m either in a rut or very, very consistent!

For countertops, all of the options are various styles of quartz. Calacatta Nuvo and London Gray are from Caesarstone, who offer both honed and polished quartz. Torquay comes from Cambria, and Silestone makes Helix. (Here’s Helix in action at last year’s Kips Bay Show House). I feel a slight qualm about using a material that’s pretending to be something else, but these patterns are pretty subtle and convincing. Plus quartz is just so dang durable.

Because it’s recommended Ikea cabinets sit on your finished floor, picking a Marmoleum color can’t really be a last-minute decision. I like the yellow the most because it’s unexpected and cheerful, but vintage blue would work perfectly well too. To further divide things, I think my husband is partial to petrol or rosemary. At this point I’d probably consult some fabrics for ideas, but I’m keeping the windows simple with the existing matchstick blinds, which is really the only spot to introduce fabric. And most of my dishes are white, with a smattering of blue spatterware, so that doesn’t eliminate anything either.

So what do you think? Keep the floor muted and limit color to accessories, for the sake of resale? Or just do what I want because everything else –the cabinets, backsplash, and counters– will be some shade of white?

dark brown living rooms

brown living rooms

Clockwise from Left: a Carolyne Roehm-designed living room, Jose Picayo for House Beautiful, David Netto-designed living room photographed by Max Kim Bee for Veranda, Hunter-Barnes-designed living room, Mario Buatta-designed living room

I’m at a self-inflicted standstill with the apartment. There are many things I could be doing that are low cost –stripping hardware, painting the hallway, freshening all of the trim with a coat of paint– but there is only so much necessary, boring work I can handle!

Fortunately, I got the call today from MGBW that my banquette and sofa will be delivered this week. I haven’t wanted to do anything in the living room without seeing the new sofa in person, but now! Now I can actually begin to think about painting the room again.

In my head, Deep Caviar still makes total sense to me for a wall color. Then I rounded up these images and noticed all the brown rooms I liked used yellow as an accent. Oops. I did find one room with a pale blue sofa, but gosh if that color combination feels like the early oughts. Another moment of insight: all of the rooms feature a neutral rug, not a color fest like mine. Lots to consider here, but nonetheless, still very excited to see my custom furniture orders in person!

bedroom bedding colors

bedroom colorsThe first room I tackle in the new apartment will be our bedroom. We’re set with furniture, and I have the bedskirt, euro shams, rug, and hopefully the shades (not sure if they will fit yet). So getting the room to a happy point will only mean painting and picking out a new duvet and shams.

Remember all that about my guest room color palette, drawn from a piece of fabric? I was just kidding. Well not really, but I pulled out the fabric the other day and noticed it picked up the jade, grey, and pink in my floral roller shades. Intriguing! So new plan: use it in my bedroom, probably on a stool or bench.

To set the scene a bit, I’m leaning toward painting the room a pale lilac. I don’t think I could get with mint on the walls–it’s a slippery slope to sage, and that paint would be me becoming my mother. (I still love furniture lacquered in a great jade or mint. And yes I am the person who painted her living room a blue that is a bright day away from being baby. I like to live dangerously).

I’ve been staring at Biscuit Home bedding for months. In terms of color selection for border duvets and shams, they’re the best bet in that price range. I like the mint because it ties basically all of the random elements together, and doesn’t look accidental like the lilac might against the euro shams. But the lilac is just plain pretty, and I like pretty.

This is more or less a rhetorical exercise, of course. I have about a month to decide, and then another month once we move in to drag my feet and be paralyzed by indecision. Then I will go to the paint store and pick a color on a whim and not test it. And then I’ll be ready to buy a duvet.

guest room inspiration

romantic roomsWhile we were in Indiana visiting my family, we spent one night in Chicago too. We stayed at The James, and walked around for a day, before taking the South Shore train back to my hometown.

A month before the trip, I had come up with a massive food-based itinerary for us, because we can’t help but stuff our faces with delicious things when traveling. I don’t know why I thought we could eat at 5+ restaurants for a 24 hour trip, (my stomach is prone to optimism?), but we only made it to one of the restaurants: Bavette’s. We did the cosmopolitan thing and got a 10 p.m. reservation on open table. By the time my steak arrived, I could barely keep my eyes open and let a gorgeous sweet potato filled with brown sugar and butter go mostly to waste. I am old and like to eat dinner at 7, and I need to stop pretending otherwise.

But Chicago wasn’t a complete bust. (It never is). That day we went to the Art Institute to see Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity. I was standing in front of a display of hats –gorgeous masses of moire ribbons, feathers, and netting– and was simply struck. Impressionists explored impermanence, the beautiful thing or moment that will ultimately unravel with time. I’ve always cleaved to this idea, but every so often I just need to see a mess of 100 year old silk ribbons to be reminded.

So I ultimately decided I need more romantic elements in my decorating. A bit of ruffle, candlestick sconces, pale but pretty colors. I also really, really want this print from the exhibit.

I like this direction for the guest room, too, since I want it to be calm and inviting, and less of a color fest, as is my tendency!

{Images: Elle Decor / House Beautiful / Elle Decor / Marie Claire Maison via / Elle Decor France via}

pink + gray + jade color palette

pink grey jade color palette
We just got back from visiting my family in Indiana. I was stressed about leaving so many balls in the air with our coop purchase still very much in progress, but once we got to my parents’ backyard, I pretty much forgot everything.

I loved being home, especially during this breezy summer they’re having. The things I miss about living in the Midwest were all teed up, and with every view of a sand dune, beer in a beautiful garden, and late night walks home through quiet suburbia, I got a little more wistful. Alas, we live here!

One sad fact about living in New York is though we have access to amazing fleas and antique stores, bargains are few and far between. All the store owners know exactly what they have, with a dedicated clientele of decorators to boot. So I always look forward to antique shopping at home! You have to search shelves a bit and just sort of know what is good, but steals are there. I found so many good, cheap things like barware, vases, and brass objects, that when I came across a set of cockatoos like these, I balked when they were $20 each. Ha, oh me.

I was mostly shopping for a shoot I’m styling next week, but then I went into a store called Old Green Shutters. The store is well-curated, with gorgeous brass hardware, early 20th century ephemera, lamps, furniture, and even fabric. Not the right time period for my client, but hello romantic goodies. I found the barkcloth above, one of the smallest pieces they carried in the store, enough for a large pillow maybe. They had several panels in different patterns though, originally pinch pleat curtains but could be used in any number of ways.

I’m thinking of using this for the palette of our guest room/office combo. I’m leaning toward pale walls (either blush or off-white), gray linen curtains with jade trim, an office chair upholstered in raspberry velvet, and then no idea on everything else. Vintage wood writing desk? Daybed of unknown (preferably cheap) origin? But hey, a palette!