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the matching everything


Winter in the city, coats are everything. Most everyone you encounter will only see you in a coat, so if you’re wearing a fabulous one, you’re set. Done.

I am a coat person. I buy coats for every possible scenario: work days, weekends, evenings at the ballet, a day at the lodge (what?). Coats are the most satisfying purchase because I wear them many, many times a season, and I wear them for years. I’ve had a fuchsia princess coat since 2007, and I’m just now considering its retirement.

Perhaps I’ll trade in the fuchsia for this amazing plaid? I think yes.

{Coach coat / Kate Spade bag / J.Crew flats}

birthday wishlist

birthday wishlist

It’s my birthday today, so why not do a little fantasy shopping?

Ever since designing this spread on Julia Leach, I’ve been dying for one of these boatneck shirts from Chance. Of course, a pretty watch to go along with it would be nice too! Not so much a fantasy item as this will likely be my next purchase, but oh boy, I’ve been wanting a tablet for ages! And a pair of Staffordshire dogs, but that is something I’m waiting to magically find in a flea. I may go out and buy the lipstick today–I feel ready for a new signature shade of pink! Earrings: just because.

1. Boatneck Tee / 2. Watch / 3. Tablet / 4. Staffordshire Dogs / 5. Lipstick / 6. Earrings

guest post by lauren from i love you much

laurens essentials

Our last guest post this week is from Lauren, of I Love You Much, sharing her deserted island “essentials”! You know, the ones you’d pack if you had a whole steamer trunk!

I’m Lauren, and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a really tall color-obsessed photographer that hails from Atlanta. I’m here to share a few of my deserted island essentials. And by few, I mean a whole lot. Let’s start from the top.

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