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carleton varney

carleton varney storeI’m very, very excited to see that Carleton Varney has opened an e-commerce store. He’s the heir to the Dorothy Draper decorating throne, and as such, embraces her use of color and pattern. I’ve stalked Brazilliance –in my mind the much prettier alternative to the ever-present Martinique print– for ages, and now I can get my fix. This is amazing.

The best part? Everything is extremely well-priced and reasonable. Accent chairs for $540, pillows for $100-$120–all of it using iconic fabrics. Now here’s to hoping more of those famous Dorothy Draper florals appear on the site soon!

Apollo Mirror / Abundance of Roses Needlepoint Pillow / Florence Blue Chest of Drawers / Brazilliance Throw Pillow / Carmen Armchair in Zebra Needlepoint

new cole & son wallpapers


“Fontainebleau” by Cole & Son

I’ve been quietly obsessing over the new collections from Cole & Son. Historic Royal Palaces came out last year, and the very latest is Folie.

I love the versatility of the collections; both include borders and friezes, so you can use a painterly faux paneling with greek key trim and a toile panel (if you’re so inclined!). I actually ordered a sample of “Palace Maze,” but sadly the colors don’t quite work for me–a shame since it’s a beautifully graphic pattern.

palace maze

“Palace Maze” by Cole & Son


“Tivoli” by Cole & Son

queens key

“Queens Key” by Cole & Son


“Rosseau” by Cole & Son


“Versailles” by Cole & Son

You can order samples through Decorators Best or check the Cole & Son stockists.

society social holiday shoot

society social holiday lookIn early November (the day after we moved, in fact!), I flew down to North Carolina to shoot this tabletop. Because of the complications of moving, I mostly ordered props online and had them sent down, so when I got to the studio I was very pleasantly surprised by what I had!

We wanted to do a holiday table, but something that felt very on brand. The color palette is totally a Society Social signature, but it also lets you get away with less in terms of decoration–hot pink and gold glitter goes far!

I wrapped small favor boxes with Gold Glitter Paper and tied them with either a hot pink satin ribbon or this lovely gingham ribbon I found in Brooklyn. Intimate parties are the perfect opportunity for small touches like this!

I found the linens at Zara Home on clearance. The quality was impressive and I think I spent $5 for four linen napkins, a total steal. The coupes were vintage on Etsy, but these are similar. I loved the bamboo shape of the stem, a little hint of chinoiserie.

To see more photos of the shoot, check out The Everygirl. They’re hosting a giveaway of two pairs of the Simone Chair!

{Photo by Lawrence Te / Resources: Numi Candleholders – CB2 / Cabana Stripe Place Cards – Society Social / Boxwood Garland – Jamali Garden / Berry Candles – Caspari / Signature Spade Dinnerware – Kate Spade}

society social + the glitter guide

worth bar cartIf you read this little ole blog with a reader, you probably missed my stealth update to my about blurb: I’m now the art director at Society Social. It’s true and a very happy development! I get to dabble in a lot of things: graphic design, copy writing, styling, layouts, even a little product design. It’s an amazing step forward for me.

I had the pleasure of visiting the factory in North Carolina earlier this month too, where we shot our new Worth bar cart, styled up all girly for the company’s second anniversary. It’s very enlightening to see where stuff is made–the amount of space, resources, and people required is always astounding to me.

If you’re in the market for a pink bar cart, we’re giving this one away on The Glitter Guide. Good luck!

of the moment: august edition

of the moment augustOf the Moment is back, mostly because it conveniently lets me chat about very disparate things.

One of my friends handed me two books at the beginning of the summer. I’ve managed to read three chapters of one. Truthfully, this has not been a reading summer for me–I am in the middle of three books right now, and there are no signs I will repent and finish them soon.

It’s not that I’m ferociously busy –I find time for True Blood, after all– I am just beginning to notice I have a severe case of internet brain. Right now I am resisting the urge to open another tab and check my blog feed, except I know absolutely nothing has happened since I last checked. And this obsessive need of mine to know more was what made me once an interesting person!

My parents had a set of encyclopedias from the 1960s. Not totally up to date on Russia, but it did teach me the soliloquy from Hamlet. I’d open a random page, read the entry, and then, finding an unknown tidbit in the aforementioned entry, look up that. The analog rabbit hole.

I kept this hunt up in the college stacks. Writing a collection of poetry where the speaker addresses birds? Time to cross-reference every mention of birds in poetry. What’s this? A species I’ve never heard of? Audubon time! I supplemented these library sojourns with Youtube clips of birdcalls and JSTOR essays on the sublime and deconstruction. It was an innocent time.

That was all a very long way of saying I haven’t read anything in a while. And maybe trying to convince myself to take up yoga because lordy knows I’m in trouble when my next stop on the internet, upon finding that nothing is new or interesting, is Buzzfeed.

Oh and here are some pretty things I’d like to acquire. If you want to see the eyeshadow in action watch this video.

{True Blood / Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow - Nordstrom / Nine West Flats}