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weekend reading

salsa red wallsFirst week at my new job is in the books. I’m slowly adjusting to working full-time again; right now when I finish for the day, I just recede into the sofa, not to move until bedtime. Work, man.

The Guess Supermodel-style shoot with Maggie Geha on Ann Street Studio is probably my favorite thing this week.

Jess from The Love List waxes poetic about oysters, and more. I’m a midwesterner through and through, so her southern perspective always fascinates me.

I love this illustrated Dior tabletop scheme on The Coveteur.

A Few of my Stories on Lifestyle Mirror…

I interviewed Joy Thigpen for tips on making spring floral arrangements.

Intrigued by florals? I did a round up on chintz decor.

If you need to breathe new life into your Pinterest feed, I found 15 decorators to follow.

And finally, since it’s almost wedding season: the best off-registry wedding gifts.

weekend reading

I skipped last week’s because I was still in Florida in spirit, so let’s dive right in.

I love the mix of this bedroom designed by Nick Olsen in Domino. I’ve been trying to imagine a world where buffalo check and chinoiserie get along, so this is brilliant. Via Design Darling.

My new favorite lipstick –bought for its lovely packaging– from Estee Lauder.

I missed This is Glamorous’s redesign launch, but it’s gorgeous. Very Pinteresty and chic.

It is an open secret I love Battlestar Galactica. I watched it when it originally aired (10 years ago–arghhh), and ever since the show ended I’ve rewatched the series on an almost-yearly basis. The characters are old friends at this point. Except I hated the ending. The soundtrack of the show, though, never disappointed me, and I’ve loosely followed the show’s composer, Bear McCreary, and his career ever since. He’s gone on to compose for the Walking Dead, Caprica (womp womp), and many, many others. Rolling Stone had Bear talk about some of his soundtracks–a fun read for fellow TV enthusiasts.


Finally, on a personal note, I start a new job on Monday. I’m moving to the editorial side of things–a new and exciting shift for me. Can’t wait to share my first story!

weekend reading

project holly

Image by Kimberly Chau for Style Me Pretty Living

I’m ready to move in to this house designed by Bailey McCarthy!

These bright glasses from CB2 are too cute to pass up at $3 a pop.

I stumbled upon Piol custom dresses; the dresses themselves are out of my budget, but I love the custom color palettes they offer. I already wear a lot of purple, but the red surprised me! What’s your color palette?

I’m a huge fan of cream blushers (really any make-up you can apply with your fingers), so I’m curious about these new Cheek Pops from Clinique.

Nicole’s black parlor is getting me motivated to paint my living room.

Finally, my living room rug made a cameo on Design*Sponge last week!

this and that

society social toteThis week was pretty quiet and uneventful, though we did get pre-approved for a mortgage. We have no apartment to buy, but hey, a mortgage. Perhaps this time next week I’ll have amazing/terrifying news.

So now, lots of random things:

Do you miss round-ups? I do them over on the Society Social blog now! It’s a weekly thing.

We saw Book of Mormon last week. It was crazy good. I’ve been singing at least one blasphemous song all week.

I also finally figured out how to make winged eyeliner show up on my eyes. Most make-up artists recommend looking down at a mirror when you do make-up, but with my hooded eyes, that’s a recipe for the eyeliner to disappear. So I have to look straight at a mirror and plot the flick of the liner with my eyes mostly open. Now if only I knew this 3 years ago when I got married and did my own make-up…

And one last Society Social bit! I shot the new booze totes. Fun for gifting or you know, schlepping your spirits all across town.

so many things

Jess at the Love List got me thinking a bit more critically about blogging because of this post. I’ve clearly been posting a lot less, even less than my typical once a week or so.

A lot of the blogs I used to read were compelling daily visits because they aligned with my life. Decorating my apartment? Heck yes I want to swallow whole every single decorating blog. Lots of disposable income? Okay, let’s read all these lifestyle/personal style blogs and buy some crap. Now that I’m pretty much done with decorating my apartment, or at least certainly not looking for ideas for a complete redo, and now that we’re trying to stick to a budget so that we can reach some savings goals, all those former favorite blogs are just doing nothing for me. The ones I’m sticking around for are the ones where I either know the blogger personally or really, really like the voice. So, not too many.

And as a result, I feel like I have nothing to blog about since I am neither decorating nor shopping for crap. We were going to renovate our kitchen, but you might have heard that Tumblr was sold, and so we’re holding off on any major purchases for the apartment until we know how this sale shakes out for us. We aren’t holding our breath for anything, but the slim chance we do receive a small share, that could be enough to push our current savings over the edge for a down payment. Thus, the waiting.

The blogging mantra of only showing the most positive parts of your life is wearing thin for me, as well. We’re all complicated people, with more interests than swooning over the newest Kate Spade; I’m ready for something less easily categorized and described. I want to talk about how I think Don Draper is a sociopath, what the eff is going on with the NSA, how my dog puts her head on my pillow like a person (adorable!), the ways in which I love a good chintz, why I’m watching the  middling Longmire only because I really really love Katee Sackhoff (or maybe I just really loved her as Kara Thrace and can’t get over it), and yes, the newest Kate Spade obsession.

So basically, my twitter feed (I am so sorry if you follow me on twitter and look for design-related things. I am no good for that). I’m not sure how this shakes out or even what this proposed blog looks it, or if it can work here. I’m just a little tired of half-heartedly hewing to a certain formula, one that has worked marvelously for other people, but not for me.

I’m ready for an old school blogging comeback. Onward!