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notes for the spring

spring 2015I know spring officially happened a month ago, but for those of us stuck in temperate climates, the season has been elusive. But the leaves on the trees outside my window are finally budding, and there have even been days without jackets. It’s here, for real. Sort of!

April is also national poetry month. I’ve been reading more fiction than poetry for the past few years, but I have a long Amazon list of collections I need to read or revisit. We’re traveling next month, which seems as good a time as ever to get back into poems. Here’s my shortlist:

What are you reading this month?

crouching tiger, hidden chrysanthemums

crouching flowersDespite my attempts to hermetically seal myself inside the apartment this winter, I finally got a cold this week. So I spent most of the afternoon the other day on the sofa, indulging in some daytime Netflix.

I ended up watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a movie I should’ve seen years ago but never did. It’s a gorgeous film; the fight choreography is incredible and the scenery is lovely. But I kept getting distracted by one detail: flowers!

hidden mums

They’re chrysanthemums, and I am obsessed.the green thumb destiny

My meager research suggests they’re done in the Japanese kiku ogiku style, which coaxes a single bloom per stem. (My research also told me the New York Botanical Garden did a massive show of this style of arrangement this past fall, so now I am depressed).

I doubt I’d be successful growing (and coaxing) these myself, but boy do I want to get some sort of flowering plant going in a gorgeous container now. So I want to know: have you had success with indoor flowering plants? Which ones?

weekend reading

starburst mirrorThis weekend is all about painting my living room, finally. We have to sand down a few patches, spot prime, but then I am good to go. Besides the kitchen, this is the LAST room in the house I need to paint! Huzzah.

My mirror came for the entry. It’s enormous and only $150.

Speaking of paint, The Peak of Chic shared her favorite dark brown rooms, including Albert Hadley’s.

Happy Birthday, Hubble Space Telescope.

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