staffordshire vaseWe’re taking a trip to Paris in a few weeks, so I’ve been preoccupied with planning that trip, rather than doing a lot of things around the house. The biggest project I’ve tackled was replacing all of the plastic blinds in the living room with matchstick shades. I painted all of the window trim before we hung the new shades, so everything looks bright and clean. The new shades make a huge difference, but I can’t wait for valances I ordered from Etsy to come–I think that extra layer will look fantastic.

We did meet up with some contractors to talk about the kitchen and bathroom, but we’re still waiting on labor quotes. Since we don’t want to move plumbing in our kitchen, it’s a much smaller job and one we can arguably do ourselves, especially with the help of my dad. But our bathroom is a sorry sight and, more importantly, would function a lot better with a different layout. I might be returning to school for a grad program next year, so we’re trying to think in terms of what level of chaos we can stand before and after that happens. Redoing our only bath means renting another apartment for a week or more; redoing our kitchen means living on delivery food. Thus we may be switching the order of these projects!

Oh and it’s totally springtime! Which no doubt means it’ll be 90 by the end of the month. New York!

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