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mag subscriptionsFor the past month, all of my subscription renewals for magazines have been rolling in, prompting me to decide what to cull from my herd. Harper’s Bazaar, my lone fashion magazine, I subscribe to mostly for its layouts and, since it’s only $5 a year, I see no reason to quit. As for my shelter titles, I’m on the fence about Elle Decor and Veranda–I’ll probably keep them because the subscriptions are fairly inexpensive ($15/year), but not every issue blows me away.

You know who is killing it in my book though? House Beautiful. I am so, so tired of black and white everything, so the fact that at least one interior in every issue will have color on the walls (the horror!) is refreshing. Plus, the market editors there strike a good balance between aspirational and attainable.

I’m toying with trading my Elle Decors/Verandas for World of Interiors. It’s a monster of a subscription, over $100/year since it’s an English title, but the issues that I’ve seen are gorgeous. Bloggers do a pretty good job of sharing notable photos from the other mags, and World is just so special.

So I’m curious: what are your favorite mags, or do you find blogs enough for inspiration?

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6 thoughts on “favorite mags

  1. Annie Thompson

    I am struggling with the same thing! I love House Beautiful and totally renew the others just because I figure if I want to buy a couple of issues, then it pays for itself, especially the cheap ones like Elle and Bazaar. Veranda is harder because I feel like sometimes it is so out of reach, but then it is fun to dream! To be honest, I find myself looking through blogs more these days than magazines. But you can’t beat the glossy images!

  2. colleen Post author

    Veranda does feel like quite the outlier. My favorite part of their issues so far have been the gardens they feature!

    I’m almost wondering if I should grab Southern Living or Country Living. Both seem to have come a long way since I last looked at those (probably 10 years ago when my mom subscribed to Midwest Living and Country), and they’re at least attainable. But aspirational is, indeed, fun!

  3. ellie

    I am a HUGE magazine junkie. From my loyal American Girl subscription to the 5 fashion mags I subscribed to (W, Harpers, Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire) for my high school thesis to the Martha Stewart Weddings now (I plan events/weddings for a living…I have a legit excuse!), I’ve always loved to flip through a magazine. A few years ago when I inherited my first iPad, I went searching for a free way to read magazines. While it’s not free, I came across an app called Next Issue and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! $10 a month gives you access to 100+ magazines which is especially perfect for my long commute to work. Give it a try and you don’t have to give up any of them :)

    1. colleen Post author

      That app sounds awesome! Part of my concern is definitely storage–I end up keeping most issues in case I ever need it for reference (seriously, I know how hoarder-y that sounds!). We don’t have an ipad, though! I wonder if it has a desktop version?

  4. Lindsay

    I completely agree that House Beautiful has been killing it. It’s by far my favorite shelter mag. I don’t have a subscription but pick up a copy from time to time of a Canadian magazine House & Home that I’ve really enjoyed for more attainable inspiration.


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