kate spade charm braceletWhat is it about charm bracelets? I’ve been fascinated by them for years, ever since I found my mom’s own bracelet from the ’60s. It was a great chunky gold bracelet with so many good charms, like a scottie dog, the state of Indiana, and a sparkly letter M for Mary. The clasp was broken though, so I never wore the bracelet. Instead I just jealously hoarded it in my room.

My husband has apparently taken note of my charm bracelet obsession, because this year he gifted me one of my own. The charms are from Kate Spade, and I think it’s a brilliant intro on their part. I am part of the Pokemon generation, so I WILL collect them all. Bravo, Kate Spade, bravo; or as they say on the internet, shut up and take my money.

Kate Spade Link Charm Bracelet / Ladybug Charm / Initial Charm / Pearl Charm / Anchor Charm

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2 thoughts on “charmed

  1. ellie

    I have a charm bracelet and love it! I’m not sure where I got the idea that I NEEDED one (maybe a book I read?) but my friends gifted me a silver one for my 15th birthday and I’ve added here and there over the past 11 years. My sweet boyfriend made a mental note when I mentioned that we didn’t have any charms for the two of us and gifted me two silver initial charms for our anniversary :) I’m planning to do a charm bracelet post once it comes back from the jeweler!


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