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pink hall runnerWhen we bought our co-op, we received a list of house rules. Some were relics of the 1920s, like the rule forbidding packages or groceries being taken up the stairs (dumbwaiter only!). Others were more relevant, like the rule for 80 percent of the floors being covered with rugs.

While we’re on the top floor of this building, we have been on lower floors in the past, and know how irritating stompy neighbors can be. And we have pets, pets that love running down this hallway together. A runner was a necessity.

Finding a runner long and narrow enough, however, was hard. So instead I ordered Flor carpet tiles. They’re definitely pricier than buying a regular runner, but I love them. They stay put and can be replaced individually, and better yet, they perfectly fit in the hallway.

For lighting, I used the tole chandelier from our last apartment. The chandelier combined with the pink runner makes what is a bleak hallway a bit more cheerful.

I still have plans to wallpaper the entry, and I think I’d like to extend that wallpaper down the hall as well. The long blank wall drives me batty, and I don’t think any amount of art alone would fix it. But in the grand scheme of things, I no longer have a hole in the hall ceiling and all of the doors are painted, so I’ll survive with an annoyingly blank wall for a while.

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