yes to… pineapples

yes to pineapplesA few weeks ago, fresh fruit vendors started popping up along 37th Avenue in my neighborhood. They juice fruit on the spot, including my beloved pineapple. (I also tried my first horchata on the street recently–that stuff is pure sorcery). I will completely admit to bringing the fresh juice home and splashing in some rum because I demand fresh cocktail juices. It was a Saturday, okay?

Beyond my love for a pineapple-based cocktail, I love seeing a pineapple here and there in a home. They’re a symbol of hospitality, and gained popularity as a decorative motif in the 18th century. They hit all the right notes for me: a little offbeat, but classic, great in entryways and dining rooms.

As for my own plan for pineapples, I’ve been keeping a look out for a pair of pineapple sconces for the dining room. There are some on Etsy, but I’m stubborn and want to get mine from the flea here. Though I am currently pineapple-less, you don’t have to be. Shop everything pineapple-inspired below.

{Yellow Pineapple Punch Recipe – CosmopolitanPineapple Towel – Zara HomePineapple Print Sundress – TopshopPineapple Accent Lamp – HorchowPineapples Print – FurbishPineapple Bottle Stopper – Williams-Sonoma}

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One thought on “yes to… pineapples

  1. Nan // Simply Elegant

    I have loveddd how pineapples are all over the place everywhere lately! They are so delicious but also just love how they look and transition onto fun products. All these pieces you found are so fun! Those adorable towels are sooo fun!


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