notes from fez, morocco

fez medina gateMay 15 2014: Yesterday morning we took a bus from Chefchaouen to Fez. It was a four hour journey, terrifying at times as the bus swayed down the winding mountain roads. Often the edge of the road was inches from a cliff, and our bus driver was not exactly driving slowly. More often than not he straddled the dividing line, narrowly avoiding small cars. I didn’t sleep until we reached a flat region.

fez riad balconyArriving in Fez was completely overwhelming though. The directions to our riad were in French, so we walked in circles through the medina. We probably passed our riad at least once, before finally using the wifi of a cafe.

fez riad detailsThe riad itself is opulent. Beautifully laid tiles, impressive carved stones, high ceilings, and an enchanting courtyard. It’s something from a movie. There is even a pet tortue.

fez viewSpeaking of tortoises, I bought a basket shaped like a tagine, and while walking someone offered me a live tortoise “pour tagine.” I declined.

fez tanneryToday we went to the terraces overlooking the tannery. We bought two poufs with the intention of giving one to my mom, but I don’t think she’ll like either! I also found a lovely blanket, blue and white pottery, and argan cream, whose label has a hotmail email address.

moroccan slippersOn our walk back from the souks, we got slightly lost (again) and wandered into the meat market. Birds were being slaughtered, others were near death, barely lifting their heads. We found a passage out and quickly left.

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2 thoughts on “notes from fez, morocco

  1. Sonia

    Love the recap and the beautiful pics. Can’t wait for the next installment. Just so you know, the person who offered you the turtle for your tajine was probably only messing with you. Turtle meat is not consumed in morocco (you never know what kind of exotic foods people eat throughout the world, but this is not one of them). I’d love to see the pouf too


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