behind the scenes with ruthie sommers

Do you remember this colorful home in House Beautiful, designed by Ruthie Sommers? I started following Ruthie on Pinterest, where I then discovered she started a blog. She recently posted about the above living room and its origins, and I was so very excited to get some of the behind-the-scenes details. I particularly loved her description of the design:

Lets make this feel like a preppy 80′s house that Mark Hampton may have designed so we never have to decorate again and we smile when we walk in the rooms.

Isn’t that wonderful? I also just love hearing designers and decorators talk. Sometimes seeing rooms in print, you get this distinct feeling that decorators are a little self-serious. But honestly, after making rounds at the Kips Bay show house this year, the overwhelming impression left by designers is they just really, really love this stuff. I mean, when I interviewed Miles Redd he talked about his Frydaddy. Decorators, they’re just like us with deep-frying mishaps and a love for good preppy houses.

As far as news around these parts goes, I have things to share–dining chairs came! living room painted! the purchase of a pair of slipper chairs! curtains!–just lacking the wherewithal to write it all up. I have a feeling once I buy my first bouquet of the season (don’t judge: my neighborhood seriously lacks good flower selection!), I’ll take a bunch of photos and be basically obligated to blog them. It’s some sort of blogger commandment, I think.

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  1. ruthie

    I love your blog! This is a part of blogging that I did not realize. I just found three amazing resources from your blog.
    Gosh, I wish I could write like you! Keep it up. I am a fan.


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