what should we do in morocco?

I don’t think I’ve fully processed this yet, but we are, in fact, going to Morocco in May. We booked the flights and riads, so we have a basic travel itinerary in place. But what we haven’t figured out is what to do!

We fly into Tangier and immediately leave (I believe our itinerary says “GTFO of Tangier”) for Chefchaouen, a small city known for its vibrant blue buildings. We’re staying three nights there so we can do some leisurely exploring.

Then we go to Fez for two nights. I will admit I mostly insisted on this city because of their leather goods–I really want to get my mitts on some poufs!

riad el fenn

image by Patrick Cline

The final leg of the trip is Marrakesh. We’re there four nights, split between two hotels. Ever since I designed a feature in Lonny on the El Fenn, I’ve wanted to stay there. It’s a splurge for us, so we’re making it work by going a bit cheap on other riads, which is not a difficult thing in Morocco!

One day in Marrakesh will definitely be dedicated to shopping in the souks and another to just lounging it up at the fancy riad. So that leaves a full day of doing proper tourist things.

So, if you’ve visited any of these cities, what is essential to see or do or eat?

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4 thoughts on “what should we do in morocco?

  1. Grace B

    I got to spend a few days in Morocco while studying abroad years ago and *loved* it. Stopping in Volubilis was awesome– it’s 2/3 of the way on your drive to Fez from Chefchaouen and would be a good rest stop. The 3rd Century BC ruins are really beautiful and the wide open green valley is a nice break
    from the maze of souks. Plus there are tons of incredibly intricate
    mosaics on the ruin floors (most of them have been restored). TripAdvisor.com has some good tips on touring it if you do decide to go there.

    Fez is also one of the epicenters of pottery in Morocco, so make sure to pick up some of the the city’s famous fassi pottery in “Fez blue” and white!

  2. Chelsea M

    I am reading through Jenny Komenda’s old blog posts and just found your blog today! So glad I did, because I already love it.
    I went to Morocco for 2 weeks a little over a year ago. We spent almost all of our time in Marrakesh. That’s where the culture shock hit us the hardest and also where we all completely fell in love with the country. My very favorite experience was when we took a day trip to the Cascades d’ouzoud. Most hotels can book the shuttle there for you but i’m not sure you’ll want to devote most of 1 whole day being away from Marrakesh.
    Another great experience is walking through a leather tannery. It smells disgusting but it is something not many people get to see. They give you a handful of mint to hold over your nose, and you will definitely use it. At the end of the walk through they take you up to where the finished products are. Don’t go unless you want to buy leather or woven goods. We were able to talk them into giving us some beautiful table clothes for something like $28? and Leather sandals for around$20. 
    My favorite thing I ate there was the Crepes. They’re thicker and they can make them sweet or savory. By the end of the trip we were eating them at least twice a day because we knew we would miss them so much. 

    Sorry to ramble so much. I will most definitely be excited to see picture of what you decide to do!

    1. colleen Post author

      Thanks for the tips! I definitely want to visit a tannery. I have wanted a pouf for years but refused to get one until I could visit Morocco myself!


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