leith clark for warby parker

leith clark for warby parkergreta-optical-crystal wednesday-sun-noir

It’s perhaps time for me to trade in my lilac glasses–Leith Clark for Warby Parker is here. The collection epitomizes Leith’s girly cool look and includes both optical and sunglasses. A percentage of each sale will go to Girl Up, a UN campaign that helps American girls raise awareness and funds for UN programs. And as always, for every pair sold another pair goes to someone in need.

My Leith Clark love runs deep. She styles Michelle Williams, Keira Knightley, and Kirsten Dunst and founded Lula magazine–completely perfecting the modern gamine.

The only lingering question for me is tortoise shell or mother of pearl.

{Aurora in Daughter of Pearl / Greta in Crystal / Wednesday in Noir – All Warby Parker}

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