the office: beginnings

salsa red office
white desk
expedit bookshelvesred officeLast week I painted the office/guest room red. I wanted to get the room functional as a work space for now, and I’m really happy with it, crazy color and all!

If you remember from the apartment tour, this room was straight-up pepto pink. I had toyed with doing a light color –even white!– but the thought of covering pink (and the strangest shade of purple below the chair rail) was more than I could process. Then, as I was unpacking, I came across this pairing: tomato red and hot pink. The red was the lid of a Kate Spade box, so off I went to the paint store looking for a match.

I had two contenders: Benjamin Moore Tomato Red and Salsa. Both are bright red-oranges, but Salsa is far less neon. After much sighing over the benefits and drawbacks of bright bright red vs. bright red, I went with Salsa.

The red covered the purple below-the-chair-rail business in two coats, and needed three for the light pink on the top half of the wall. I knocked the whole room out in 1.5 days; usually I don’t have the luxury of a mostly-empty room, so I wanted to take advantage!

For now, the furniture is all Ikea. When I get to the part where I actually make this a guest room as well, I’ll get a vintage headboard and some tortoise matchstick blinds to make the room a little less “BRIGHT WHITE ALL THE THINGS.” Not that I don’t love this new lacquered Expedit, and the desk that fits perfectly over the radiator. Plus, the desk is great for shooting small tabletop vignettes, something I’d like to get back to doing soon.

I just can’t tell you how nice it is to be working in a room that isn’t my bedroom. And not the living room either! I feel heaps more productive in here– getting most of my work done during daylight hours and having a place for all of the things I need for styling is amazing. Our dog, Lily, has also adopted the room as “hers”: she has scattered all of her toys in here, and you can often peek in and find her rolling around on the rug. Lily must love red too.

{Resources: Linnmon/Godvin Tabletop – Ikea / Branas Rattan Baskets – Ikea / Emma Cotton Rug (similar) – Madeline Weinrib / Lantern – Pearl River Mart / Michelle Table Lamp – Amazon}

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  1. therecomesayes

    @Maggie Stephens I decided it would’ve been a little too prissy with a white chair rail. Glad I painted it. Plus, it’s new trim the last owner added, nothing original to the house, so meh!

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