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society social toteThis week was pretty quiet and uneventful, though we did get pre-approved for a mortgage. We have no apartment to buy, but hey, a mortgage. Perhaps this time next week I’ll have amazing/terrifying news.

So now, lots of random things:

Do you miss round-ups? I do them over on the Society Social blog now! It’s a weekly thing.

We saw Book of Mormon last week. It was crazy good. I’ve been singing at least one blasphemous song all week.

I also finally figured out how to make winged eyeliner show up on my eyes. Most make-up artists recommend looking down at a mirror when you do make-up, but with my hooded eyes, that’s a recipe for the eyeliner to disappear. So I have to look straight at a mirror and plot the flick of the liner with my eyes mostly open. Now if only I knew this 3 years ago when I got married and did my own make-up…

And one last Society Social bit! I shot the new booze totes. Fun for gifting or you know, schlepping your spirits all across town.

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