updates in the dining area

blue and pink dining room
Our dining “room” is really just a corner of the living room in our apartment. Our kitchen is too narrow for an eating area (it’s also too depressing as is). So after many rearrangements, we’ve figured out this corner is the best place for a table in the room.

I painted the chiavari chairs BM Jade Garden, an exquisite color that I’d love to paint a whole room with at some point. I didn’t use an oil-based paint; instead, I used the Advance line, which is an alkyd.  The finish isn’t quite the same as using an oil-based, but it’s close and much easier to clean up.

vintage tole lily chandelier

The tole chandelier was an OKL find from their vintage section. I LOVE those sales. Some of the vintage products are expensive, but this chandy was a good deal. Yes, I could do better on price if I trawled the flea, but hey, when you buy curated vintage home decor, you’re paying for someone else’s eye and time finding the thing. So it’s worth it!

colorful stripe fabric
The tablecloth fabric was a happy coincidence (and I love the cat hair in this photo). After one of my mom’s visits, she was lamenting the fact we had no tablecloth–she is old school and doesn’t love bare tables. So I just listed to her the colors I was going for in the room, and she found this fabric. I kind of forgot she had sewn me a tablecloth until some friends came over this weekend for a game night, and I pulled it out. To my delight, the fabric perfectly tied everything together! I thought the painted chairs were looking a little rando, but not with this tablecloth. I love when things  look intentional on accident.

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2 thoughts on “updates in the dining area

  1. MaryE

    Hi Colleen.  I just discovered your blog & love it.  I also love your dining room!  I have to ask how you painted your chairs.  Did you spray them or brush the paint on straight from the can?  They are really lovely.  I have a couple of old chairs in the garage that I’ve been wanting to paint but not sure how to go about it.

    1. therecomesayes

      @MaryE I used a paint brush. It probably would have been easier to spray but I have no where to do that in my apartment. I did need to strip and sand them first which was by far the most labor-intensive thing, and I would honestly never do that again for such poorly-constructed chairs! If you have a power sander this would be a lot easier.


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