joe fresh at jcp

joe fresh at jcp
One of my favorite stores in New York is Joe Fresh. It’s kind of like H&M’s preppy sister: super affordable, but the clothing styles are much more classic. Simple shift dresses, colorful button downs, lace shells–basically Colleen’s favorite things (I went there with the third person).

The only problem? The store doesn’t have e-commerce. But! Starting this week, the women’s line will be sold online at JCP, and in JCP stores in March.

I love love love this clothing line. Seriously. Everything is wearable, so you never get home and go, “um why did I buy a neoprene peplum top for $40?” (I have done this).

So I’m going to say something I rarely say: get thee to a JCP!

{Silk Shirt & Cropped Jeans / Striped Pocket Dress / Lace-Front Dress}

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