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joe fresh at jcp

joe fresh at jcp
One of my favorite stores in New York is Joe Fresh. It’s kind of like H&M’s preppy sister: super affordable, but the clothing styles are much more classic. Simple shift dresses, colorful button downs, lace shells–basically Colleen’s favorite things (I went there with the third person).

The only problem? The store doesn’t have e-commerce. But! Starting this week, the women’s line will be sold online at JCP, and in JCP stores in March.

I love love love this clothing line. Seriously. Everything is wearable, so you never get home and go, “um why did I buy a neoprene peplum top for $40?” (I have done this).

So I’m going to say something I rarely say: get thee to a JCP!

{Silk Shirt & Cropped Jeans / Striped Pocket Dress / Lace-Front Dress}

velcro pillow covers

velcro pillow cover
When I asked my mom to sew my living room ikat pillows, all I knew was that I wanted the fabric on both sides, in case of staining. So that ruled out an envelope pillow. My mom doesn’t like working with zippers very much, and since she was sewing my pillows for free, I didn’t really press the zipper issue!

Instead, she did something that I think is pretty brilliant: she made the pillows with a 1-inch flange, and along one side of each pillow, sewed a strip of velcro. It’s completely invisible, washer-friendly, and more forgiving to sew than a zipper!

velcro flange
Neat, right?

black + white + brass kitchen inspiration

black and white kitchensMy style tends to be very colorful, and I love a statement. But since this isn’t “our” kitchen, I’m keeping it pretty simple: plain white slab cabinets, butcher block counters, white subway tile backsplash with dark grout, and brass hardware.

These are the images I’ve been referring to over and over while designing the kitchen. My husband has started to accuse me of harboring a secret desire for a country house. He might be right about that.

If you want even more kitchen ideas, I have a handy pinterest board for that.

{Images: Elle Decor via /  Decorpad /  Terracotta Properties / Light Locations – this whole house is gorgeous! / House Beautiful / Desire to Inspire}


remodeling a rental


The Ikea kitchen planner has taken over my life.

We’re thinking about remodeling our kitchen. This might seem odd because we rent. I won’t do the big song and dance about why this isn’t so weird in New York, aside from saying renting is normal and long-term in NYC.

However, our apartment isn’t the greatest. The location is pretty good, but our bathroom tub is about a century past its prime, with its enamel flaking off. Our kitchen is mostly functional after we added an Ikea island for more counter space, but the appliances are ancient. The cost of materials for the remodel would be the price of a security deposit + first month’s rent, so basically the math goes like this: instead of moving and upgrading apartments, which has high up-front costs and the increase in rent, it makes more financial sense to just fix our apartment’s kitchen; hopefully negotiating with our landlord, because when we move out, there is no doubt our kitchen will be remodeled.

The catalyst for all these days spent on the Ikea site, though, is the reemergence of roaches in our apartment. We had very, very few sightings up until this winter, when the steam heat or the cold outside or a hoarder forced them from their gross little dwellings and into our apartment. I scrubbed the kitchen, laid new traps, but all I could imagine was a hole in the wall behind a cabinet, from which all the roaches pour forth. Such is my nightmare.

So I want to tear down all of the cabinetry, pull up the linoleum, and properly seal every crack and/or gaping hole from hell. Then of course it’s my opportunity to swap out the linoleum because gosh it’s awful, replace the fridge since it’s an energy suck, and hang new cabinets. I have to look on the bright side.

Now we’re trying to figure out if we can hang the cabinets ourselves. What do you think, DIY or hire out? We know it’s theoretically possible to do ourselves, just that with the complications of plaster walls, Ikea cabinet boxes, and me having the strength of a frail child, we wonder if this is best left to people we pay.

there comes a yes on society6


Fun news! I opened a society6 print shop!

I have plans to add more prints each week, and I’ll continue fleshing out the iPhone cases. I’m having a lot of fun with this–I’ve always wanted to sell prints, but I had no idea how to approach the printing aspect, which society6 completely takes care of!

The site is offering free shipping through Sunday (February 24), so take a look!