jessika goranson

hey everyone,

there was a new wordpress update not too long ago, and it seems to have broken my blog theme. at least on my end, I can’t load more posts, which is problematic to say the least! the creator of my blog theme recommends downloading an update to the theme, but that will strip all of the customization I did. I’m working on this issue, but if there’s a specific post you’re looking for, please leave a comment and I’ll link the post!

image: lonny

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2 thoughts on “housekeeping

  1. mkjarval

    Can you move all your customizations into a child theme? – I’m not sure how elaborate your customizations were, or how different the theme update is, but it might save you from update problems in the future. ( best of luck – looking forward to new posts when you are able to get it sorted out!


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