bathroom art picks

bathroom art

I painted my bathroom pink quite a while ago, but never got around to those finishing touches, like picking out art. I don’t particularly want to spend a lot on prints for such a private room, so I set out for some affordable ideas.

I want to do a small cluster, so I like the idea of some prints with pinks, a black and white photo or two, and some cheekiness for good measure. McDonalds and a night of drinking: what else lands you in the bathroom for long periods of time!

“Ooh La La” by Lorrie Morrison – / Vintage Rose Polaroid Photography – Etsy /  “Jones Boulevard Location, #1″ by Kevin J. Miyazaki – 20×200 / “Pink Ladies” by Michelle Morin – Furbish /  “After the Party” by Andy Warhol –

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