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new in the living room

colorful living room

Last time I showed off my living room, it was all about my regency tables. We’ve since reconfigured the room a bit!

The biggest difference is probably our rug. My father in law travels to Armenia frequently for his job, and this is one of many rugs he’s purchased there. I like this one because of the hot pink and orange, and there’s a little bit of blue too!

I also got some new pillows. The hot pink silk ones are from ABC Home, a steal at $48. I had the large ikat pillows made from what I think is Brunschwig and Fils.

eclectic living room

The last big update is this cabinet/hutch furniture deal I got from Circa Who a few months ago. It’s probably my favorite thing in the house!

I feel more or less “done” with this room, besides maybe adding some more art to other walls. It’s a very cozy room now, which I love.


jessika goranson

hey everyone,

there was a new wordpress update not too long ago, and it seems to have broken my blog theme. at least on my end, I can’t load more posts, which is problematic to say the least! the creator of my blog theme recommends downloading an update to the theme, but that will strip all of the customization I did. I’m working on this issue, but if there’s a specific post you’re looking for, please leave a comment and I’ll link the post!

image: lonny

bathroom art picks

bathroom art

I painted my bathroom pink quite a while ago, but never got around to those finishing touches, like picking out art. I don’t particularly want to spend a lot on prints for such a private room, so I set out for some affordable ideas.

I want to do a small cluster, so I like the idea of some prints with pinks, a black and white photo or two, and some cheekiness for good measure. McDonalds and a night of drinking: what else lands you in the bathroom for long periods of time!

“Ooh La La” by Lorrie Morrison – / Vintage Rose Polaroid Photography – Etsy /  “Jones Boulevard Location, #1” by Kevin J. Miyazaki – 20×200 / “Pink Ladies” by Michelle Morin – Furbish /  “After the Party” by Andy Warhol –