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I briefly mentioned this on twitter last week, but Kirk started working at tumblr, which helped predicate a re-examination of the platform on my part. I’ve always had trouble differentiating the use from my pinterest–a hodgepodge of inspiration and things I want to remember.

I have to say, I’m really enjoying the quick and dirty posts on tumblr. Lonny keeps me so busy that I can’t design the types of posts I think this blog deserves, but I still want to share things. So my tumblr seems to be a pretty good triage.

Another thing worth mentioning: I’ve opened up the ask feature on that site. It’s the perfect place to ask me quick questions about anything, rather than sending an email. I do answer most emails, but this is a great way to get a fast answer. I hope it works out, because a lot of my emails regard fabric or product sources, and this way everyone gets the answer!

{Image by Patrick Cline for Lonny}

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