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alt nyc and other things

alt nyc rooftop party

I was hoping to get back to a normal posting schedule this week, but clearly that is not the case. Kirk was in SF last week, and is leaving tomorrow for another trip there, so blogging has been less of a priority as we try to enjoy these precious weekends together. And now work is getting hectic, so I have very little hope for this week.

I have been doing some projects around the apartment while Kirk has been gone, and have more planned. One benefit of being alone at home: I have space to make a project mess and not have anyone annoyed with it!

It was nice going to the Alt party on Thursday. Didn’t do any real networking, but it was wonderful catching up with Jenny, and seeing some other blog friends. The view was spectacular too, and I quite enjoyed the male model bartenders. Martha Stewart throws good parties.

{Photo from Alt’s Flickr Photostream}

apartment buying dreams

park slope apartment

We received our lease renewal form this week, which brought on the “should we upgrade to a better apartment?” debate. We live in a rent stabilized unit, which means a comparable apartment to ours is several hundred more a month. So, to get an apartment that’s actually better? More like paying $1000 more.

And that’s just the rent! In Brooklyn, it’s difficult to get an apartment without a broker, so that adds thousands in fees, on top of the security deposit. So you can very easily be plunking down $10,000 just to move into a new place, plus the cost of moving.

I am a practical girl, despite my penchant for frilly things. Is this a perfect place to live? No. Our ceiling leaks in the winter because of the oh-so-wonderful steam heat system, the street outside is littered with chicken bones most mornings, our cast iron tub is peeling. But it’s near restaurants we like and the park. So we’ll make do, and put our rent savings towards our goal of buying an apartment.

Of course, I had to look at apartments in Park Slope. I fell in love with this one pictured–across from the park, tastefully renovated. Oh to dream.

blog survey

polka dot lamps

Let’s have a heart to heart about my blog.

I never set out to be a professional blogger. I originally just wanted a creative outlet from a job. But what now, when my entire day at work is designing?

I don’t have an answer yet. I do know I love having this space to share. But the things I want to share are different now. And since this is a little blog, I have the flexibility to change course a bit.

But I want to know what you like reading here. I created a very short, two question survey. It’ll give me a better idea of posts to focus on, or at least balance with the type of posts I feel compelled to create now. This blog will still have plenty of pretty things (like these lamps), worry not!

Blog Survey

Thanks so much!

new hair

pixie cut

Well, I went and cut my hair off yesterday.

I’ve been doing this medium to long hair experiment since college, and it just wasn’t working out. I have a combination of wavy and fine hair, which has always felt impossible to style beyond straight ironing the crap out of it–and I neither have the time nor the inclination to do that.

Part of it is probably that I always had short hair as a kid, so I never learned how to “do” hair, or rather, the patience to do it. I expect hair to be presentable after washing and blasting with a blow dryer, with a little bit of product. Not so with long hair! (Well, unless you do a pony tail or topknot every day, which is what I did).

And then my pixie obsession started to kick in.

I think the biggest catalyst, though, for such a huge change is my confidence lately. I’m now a salaried employee for a magazine–I’m no longer navigating the uncertain waters of freelance. And pixies require confidence. There is no hair to hide behind here! The last time I  had a pixie cut was in high school, when I was a little go-getter, succeeding at pretty much everything.

Next week, I’ll share some plans for the blog. Good plans.

I got the new cut at Whittemore House, recommended to me by Rubi, a hair whisperer I met at Alt. Highly recommend that West Village salon!