staying a while longer

I have happy news, finally. My husband accepted a job offer here in New York, so here is where we’ll stay for the next few years.

The process was certainly dramatic, though. We had an early verbal offer in Long Island that fell apart, and then a formal one in Raleigh. We thought hard about Raleigh, but ultimately felt a little too young to be settling down.

Not that I particularly hated the idea of having a dishwasher, an extra bedroom, and a bathroom that doesn’t inspire fear. Those things would be nice.

We’re simply not done here. I haven’t even been to Williamsburg yet, which is some kind of 20-something crime.

Besides designing for Lonny right now, I have crafty little plans. Oh and new posts for next week, because I owe you big time.

{Image above: moire ribbon samples from Mokuba. Very lovely ribbons. Very expensive ribbons.}

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