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Our last guest post this week is from Lauren, of I Love You Much, sharing her deserted island “essentials”! You know, the ones you’d pack if you had a whole steamer trunk!

I’m Lauren, and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a really tall color-obsessed photographer that hails from Atlanta. I’m here to share a few of my deserted island essentials. And by few, I mean a whole lot. Let’s start from the top.

If I could only use one lip balm until the end of time, it would be Dior’s Creme de Rose. I abuse my lips with lots of matte lipstick on a daily basis, and this is pretty much the only thing that keeps them from falling off of my face. I apply it after liner and before lipstick, and then again before I go to bed. It’s magical.

The best flo coral polish is China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. As with most neons, the formula is pretty frustrating, but it’s worth it for the color payoff. Burn-your-eyeballs color. Don’t even try to Google this for swatches– they’ll all be incorrect. Just trust me, it’s awesome and you need it.
I have a longstanding love of Karen Walker eyewear. Her Harvest Pink sunglasses definitely do not disappoint.

“I want the most obnoxious lipcolor you have.” I’ve said this to more makeup peeps than I can remember. I am a total NARS girl usually, because nothing beats the formula or staying power, but this MAC Viva Glam Nicki delivers. It’s a bold neon coral and although it needs a few apply-blot-repeat layers, it’s worth it. It’s obnoxious and fabulous.

NARS Schiap. I’ve had a love affair with Schiap for years, and I love it to the point that I almost had a mini-stroke when I thought they’d discontinued it. (Neimans was just out of it online. I freaked out for no reason.) It is the perfect lipstick. I can apply it in the morning, sweat like a you-know-what in church for an entire day photographing, and 12 hours later it’s still perfect.

If you want the most amazing Barbie-pink neon polish, hit up China Glaze once again for Neon Pink Voltage. Even though it’s technically a neon, it isn’t plagued by the awful formula that most neons are. Still dries semi-matte, so you’ll definitely need a topcoat as well.

These Kate Spade Elina skimmers are my soul-shoes. They’re the most comfortable shoes I own. I’ve also had a soft spot for cork and patent together ever since I chose Loub’s Love Flats as my wedding shoe. These puppies are darn near impossible to find in the neon pink, but I’d snatch them up in any color if you find them. If you’re jonesing for the neon pink version rather than the coral or gold that the Spade stores carry, pop into a Neiman Marcus. It’s the only place I ever found them in pink!

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose is the best magenta ever. I love it for days off from lipstick. It’s a bit of a gloss-balm hybrid, but has terrific color. It has a nice sheen but doesn’t get all over your face when the wind blows your hair around.

Makeup wedges! Ok, so I have a confession. I don’t wear buy or wear traditional blush. Instead, after I apply my lipstick, before blotting I smush a sponge onto my lips and then dot and blend it onto the apples of my cheeks. Then, if needed for intensity-control, I wedge dab a bit of foundation over it to tone it down. Always looks fantastic because it matches my pout.

Dior Capture Totale One Essential serum. Okay, so this product may seem a bit crazy, and it is a leeeeetle bit expensive, but I swear by it. It’s marketed as an anti-aging potion, but it’s secret effect is that it banishes sebaceous acne. The second I stop using it, my face erupts in protest. It’s also moisturizing, non-greasy, helps boost other skincare, etc., but I truthfully don’t pay attention to its listed benefits because the acne control is just insane.

This Hello Kitty iPhone Case is the most entertaining case ever, and provides great protection. I love it and people tend to flip out over it. We all must secretly be six-year-old girls. Bonus? It’s like 4 bucks on Amazon.

Neon Yellow is my official color of 2012 (pfft, Pantone with your tangerine nonsense!), and this CG polish in Celtic Sun delivers the perfect highlighter neon. The formula? Sometimes a pain, but par for the neon course. You’ll need at least three thin coats. But it is so totally worth it. Of all of the neon yellows I’ve tried, it’s by far the best.

Colleen first got me interested in the magical world of BB creams. I have insanely fair skin that is verrryyyy pink-blue based, and this Clinique BB is the only one I’ve found that works with my skin tone. Come winter it may be a hair dark, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Pro for me, but con for some? Upon application it smells A LOT like sunscreen, which some folks dislike, but I’m a weird bird. It puts me in a summery mood! Also works great as a primer.

Even though the styling of these Old Navy minty-green skinnies makes me want to shout, “KILL IT WITH FIRE,” and cover my head with a pillow, in actuality they’re fantastic pants. Inexpensive, fun color, and they don’t look like mom jeans, I swear.

I’m lazy when it comes to skincare, especially at night. If I’m not taking a night shower, there’s no way you’re going to catch me flooding the counter trying to wash my face in the sink. That’s why I swear by these CVS Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes. They’re gentle, cheap, and I see them in more makeup artist’s train cases than not. After use, I apply toner and serum as if I were a good girl who took the time to properly wash her face. My sheets and skin thank me for these.

This Bumble & Bumble Does It All hairspray is the best ever. If I were stuck with one hair product, it’d be this. It’s perfect. Not crunchy, holds shape, works excellently for styling and texture, and lasts even through super hot and sweaty days.

A pair of cobalt jeans is great to have around, and J.Crew makes my absolute favorite pair. Comfy, intense color, come in tall, and have a great fit. What more could you want?

Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara is my absolute favorite. I was a longtime DiorShow user until I ran out and needed to buy a drugstore brand in a pinch. I have had more than one makeup artist swear I was wearing false eyelashes– even to the point of asking to feel my lashes for proof. Even lasts through pouring rain, sweat, and tears. A++

For a more normal pair of daily sunglasses, I adore Karen Walker’s Anytime Crazy Tortoise specs. They straddle the line between statement and classic and look great on a variety of face shapes.

I am a Louis Vuitton collector. I blame my mother, who is a serious enabler and started me way too early. Louis lasts forever. I have bags that are almost 30 years old and they’re still in impeccable shape. My go-to everyday bag is the Damier Speedy 35. One of LV’s classic shapes and goes well with everything… because it matches nothing. And it will last for an eternity. Despite the price, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

These J. Crew Pop Art Polka Dot skimmers are crazy amazing, and can be paired with just about anything. Also, they come in tall which is always a major plus in my book!

Even though I usually wear eye-searing neons on my nails, sometimes I like to pull out the blacks and almost-blacks. Essie’s Wicked is delightfully moody and always looks incredibly chic.

The Fuji X-Pro 1 Digital Camera is the best mirrorless digital I’ve had the pleasure of using. The quality is simply fantastic, and it’s great for when I’d rather not tote my big guns around but still want superb quality. Pair it with the 35mm f/1.4 XF R Lens and you have a perfect compact setup.

Last, but certainly not least, is the holy grail of eyeliner– Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L. Waterproof, doesn’t transfer, doesn’t migrate slowly down the cheeks, not too waxy, not too powdery, highly pigmented, and 100% perfect. I don’t even bother with eyeshadow anymore. It’s just this and mascara.

If you got through all of this, I give you two gold stars and a cookie. Many thanks to Colleen letting me blab while she’s away!

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