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catching up + news

colleen baton rouge
What a fun trip! The wedding in Baton Rouge was gorgeous, and huge!

We spent the last day in New Orleans, which is such a cool town. Bourbon Street holds no appeal for me, but I love strolling around the rest of the French Quarter, people watching. The weather was perfect too.

So, news. First thing I should probably note is that I am designing for Lonny again, in a much larger capacity than I did as a contributor and intern. It’s going to be super busy, so I’ll be switching to an abbreviated blog schedule during this time. I’m extremely excited to be working with that team again!

Previously, I mentioned a somewhat imminent move because of a job opportunity for my husband. That’s on hold for now, but nothing is ruled out either. Very much in flux these days, which I suppose is typical of this situation. Getting there though.

baton rouge for the weekend

gone south
Cutting out a little early here for the weekend, with a 7 am flight to Baton Rouge for a family wedding. We definitely could use a break from the job search process!

This will be my first southern wedding and I am SO into it. Everything has been incredibly formal so far, down to the completely hand-calligraphed invitations, that I cannot wait to see this reception. Going to be gorrrrgeous.

{Images: Rifle Paper Co. / J.Crew / Southern Living}