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in need of a win

jonathan adler vase
I don’t know a poetic way to say my husband was laid off yesterday. Absurdly, this is not the worst thing to happen to us this year.

We could really use a win.

vis-a-vis: the balcony

visavis balcony
If you live in a city, chances are your outdoor space is limited, if not nonexistent–mine is, unless you count a fire escape! Even so, you can still create a cozy and stylish sitting area.

I like both of these chair styles because they’re not strictly outdoors chairs. You can bring them inside for extra party seating and not be embarrassed about lawn chairs. Retrouve chairs are absolutely on my dream list of furniture, pricey but gorgeous.

A few plants are a must to make the area feel “outdoorsy” even if your view is an alley. I like these mini but cute pots.

Finally, a little candlelight outside can make a concrete slab feel dreamy. Then complete the area with a versatile stool for extra seating or drinks!

{Tropical Texture: Chair / Planter / Lantern / Table / Industrial Chinois: Chair / Planter / Lantern / Table}

gingham accessories and decor

Gingham is all grown up, people! Of course I love a gingham shirt (and why yes, a check tablecloth), but no need to end the pattern there.

By the way, if any of you seriously dig the print, I’m dying to do silk gingham drapes. Please do it for me. Billowing ones.

{1. Dress / 2. Pillow / 3. Spoons / 4. Chair / 5. Shorts / 6. Pumps / Fabric (in text)}