my vintage regency coffee tables

regency tables
A few weeks ago I lugged two very dirty and slightly rusty tables home from the Chelsea Flea. After some elbow grease and two new pieces of glass, I think I did all right.

The only two cleaning products I used were Barkeeper’s Friend and Windex. Both tables had small rust spots on the chrome, so I created a paste with Barkeeper’s Friend and rubbed it into the chrome with a rag. It worked brilliantly. I used a more watered-down solution to clean the rest of the tables, and rinsed them with water. After that, I only needed some Windex for shine.

I had two pieces of 1/4″ mirror cut for the tables at a store here in Brooklyn. The glass cost twice as much as the tables, but holy moly, do I love the look.

As far as the styling goes, I mentioned in my post on coffee tables that ours needs to stay pretty functional. For instance, the bowl has a few of my nail polishes in it, because that’s where I do my nails every week. I’m a big believer in decorating for the way you actually live, not the idealized version of your life. The key is just thoughtful containment.

If you’re in New York, I’m selling my old Moroccan table. I think it’s a prime candidate for a coat of Rustoleum Brass spray paint.

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13 thoughts on “my vintage regency coffee tables

    1. colleen Post author

      Thanks. Definitely deals to be had on vintage furniture in NYC, just requires showing up early on a Saturday :)

  1. Cher

    I have gone to the chelsea flea before. I don’t find their prices to be sooo cheap. Did you go early? I’d love to know what something like these run.

    1. colleen Post author

      I go at about 10 am on Saturday morning. For the two tables, it was $50. They were seriously disgusting looking though–don’t be afraid of anything filthy!

  2. Suzanne

    Where did you get that fantastic rug. OMG I have been looking for this rug F O R E V E R !
    Absolutely love your style and your site will be my new daily go to!

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