some apartment updates

This is the worst bathroom teaser in the world. A towel!

It happened this way mostly because I had only finished trimming at this point, and shooting my in-progress paint job was just not an option, so we have a glamour shot of a towel.

The pink is a match of Tutu, from the discontinued Martha Stewart line for Valspar. I consulted this post on pink paint quite heavily. I like that the paint has some peachy undertones, so it’s not at all Pepto.

I have a little pelmet project to do and perhaps some accessorizing, but the bathroom is nearly there, all ready for internet scrutiny.

Remember my fabric stash? I sent some of it to my mom, once again, and she’s making me realize a few things: 1) this free sewing labor is awesome and totally unfair 2) any future children of ours will have ADORABLE halloween costumes and 3) I need a sewing machine.

She sewed chair pads for my chiavari dining chairs and fabric roller blinds (that I need to assemble still and gawk at). Note zee piping. We thought about contrasting piping, but since I’m going to paint the chairs a wacky color, I thought it best to not go all freakadelic with the cushion.

So there you have it. Apartment stuff.

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3 thoughts on “some apartment updates

    1. colleen Post author

      Thanks! Each one has a different bird on it, so it’s quite fun. Not that anyone will notice what bird is under their butt :)

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