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bath inspirationThe big item on my to-do list this week is re-painting my bathroom. It’s a prewar bath that has never been remodeled (for better and for worse), save for a laminate vanity. Original cast iron tub with a peeling finish, turn of the century schoolhouse toilet, the whole deal. It’s also tiny, of course!

So when I was looking for some inspiration images, I completely ignored the slick, completely gutted bathrooms in most mags. I have crappy fixtures and they’re not going anywhere!

My favorite fix for a blah bathroom is a bold wallpaper or paint color. You have to be careful with wallpaper though; make sure the room is well-ventilated, otherwise you may have a total tragedy on your hands. But the idea is this: treat a so-so bath like it’s one you just dumped $20,000 into remodeling: get nice towels, splurge on a great mirror, and most importantly, keep it spotless!

I love how feminine this fairly basic bathroom looks. The fixtures have no wow-factor themselves, but the creative use of mirrors and a cheerful wallpaper really elevate this bath. And you can’t go wrong with a chandy.

{Images from top: Lonny / Domino via The Paris Apartment / Lonny}

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4 thoughts on “small bathroom inspiration

    1. colleen Post author

      You could always paint a stripe or, if you’re adventurous, do a stencil! My bathroom has terrible ventilation too, so it would peel almost immediately. But it’s perfect in a powder room (that I don’t have).

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