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a colorful and random friday

kate spade adA little Friday inspiration. This ad from Kate Spade has probably all of my favorite colors in it. Love the bulletin board, love the chest, love everything.

Are you on tumblr? I’m starting to really enjoy using it (finally), so follow me!

Do any of you own a Clarisonic Mia? My parents gave us both cash for Christmas presents this year (seriously, yahoo for that!), so I wanted to make sure to get myself something instead of being all, here you go AmEx, take my gift money. I asked for a Clarisonic from my husband, but he laughed at me and said he wouldn’t get me a “face brush thing.” So I’m gifting it to myself! Just trying to decide between berry pinkfuchsia, or turquoise. Life altering decisions here at my house.

Enjoy yet another three-day weekend, if you’re an office gal! And happy new year!

{Image via High-Heeled Foot in the Door}

small space by suzanne mcgrath

small apartment by suzanne mcgrath
I love this sweet apartment by decorator Suzanne McGrath in Traditional Home. Suzanne decorated this Brooklyn Heights apartment for her daughter, who works at Teen Vogue. The classic look is so refreshing.

In a small living area, a huge hulking coffee table can be a total hazard, so these small (thrifted) tables are the perfect place for a drink, but can be moved around the space for entertaining. The sofette is absolutely adorable too.

These two shots really show off the multi-tasking brilliance. They used a tall storage piece in the living room, maximizing that precious wall space with lots of storage, plus it’s a beautiful piece! And I really like the vanity as bedside table–you don’t need proper nightstands, just a surface that’s close to your bed’s height! The lucite stool breaks up the otherwise wood-filled room, adding a little chicness. Also, the mirror! Amazing.

They carved out a little dining area with a perfectly scaled table, which is so hard to do. Also, note the shelves above the radiator–such a neglected place for storage! I need to do that in my apartment.

Super super lovely!

{Photos by Max Kim-Bee for Traditional Home}

observed: ombre

I’m starting a new series, not necessarily of new trends, just patterns I’ve observed in the wilds of retail. This is the first of a few, or more.

Ombre has been relegated to the “out” list of most mags for a few seasons now, but it persists. And that’s fine with me.

I’m particularly enthralled by this glittery evolution of the trend. Of course the pink is perfect too.

{Ombre Polka Scarf – Anthropologie}

christmas 2011

We spent the holiday in the city, so it was low key but nice all the same. I seem to have the only parents in the world who don’t insist I come home for Christmas, which I’m thankful for. They visit us often, and they accept being together when we can is the most important thing, not what date it happens to fall on. So we mailed gifts and planned for a cozy day at home.

On Christmas Eve we took a walk through our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights on the brownstones. It was completely still out, with very few pedestrians scurrying around. We looped around with a thermos of hot cocoa, taking in the uncanny scene. And then, in a moment of divine brilliance, we heard the burst of carols, as a nearby church let out its Christmas Eve service.

Of course there were sugar cookies. I made the icing much to thin this year. Major bummer.

We had the loveliest Christmas dinner of roasted pork shoulder with kumquats, brussel sprouts gratin, and a beet salad, plus some bubbly. So lucky to have a husband that loves to cook.

White Christmas capped off our evening. I will never, in all my life, tire of Bing Crosby’s singing and Vera Ellen’s dancing. The final scene always makes me cry!

How was your holiday?