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a little shopping

shopping finds
I’m making a big push to finish our apartment, as much as it’s possible to be finished at least. The bones are there, it’s just that finishing layer that is darn hard to nail exactly right.

So I went out to Long Island for work errands and came back with GOBS of things. My absolute favorites: this mirror from the Pottery Barn outlet, a tortoise shell dish from Williams Sonoma home, and this freaking adorable pink pot from Ikea. Can never say no to pink.

lucite home decor

clear idea
How do I love lucite? Let me count the ways. It’s like diamonds for the home, except no silly rules about waiting till you’re 40 to have it. Lucite furniture takes up little visual real estate and yet hello, it does important stuff like hold drinks and the remote.

Besides, everyone needs a bubble chair!

{1. Lucite Frames / 2. Hanging Bubble Chair / 3. Acrylic Nesting Tables / 4. Monroe Lucite Desk / 5. Kartell Charles Ghost Stool / 6. Format Tray}

layered rugs

layered rugs
When I finally got around to measuring what size of an area rug I’d need for our living room, I realized our tiny room wasn’t quite as tiny as I thought. I was looking at a 9′x12′ rug. Those are a leeetle bit expensive.

So I’m digging the bohemian vibe of layered rugs, small but cute things with personality, and, happily, a smaller price tag.

As a total aside, I’m neck deep in a HUGE redesign of my blog. It’s a completely different format and I’m pretty wild about it. The new format means re-uploading all of my old images, which is painful, but worth it. You’ll see what I mean Monday!

{Images: House Beautiful / Domino via Style Redux

displaying photographs

photo displays
How do you display photographs in your home? We don’t have a lot of snapshots (p.s., who does with digital cameras?), but I’ve been wanting to get a lot of my instagrams printed out, which brings me to the displaying them question.

I love the grid look in Rita Konig’s apartment, but also love the supremely unfussy pegboard display. Decisions!

{Domino mag via a lovely being}