My favorite part of fashion week is always the element of fantasy. I don’t look at the pictures because I think there’s a beet digger’s chance in hell of buying the clothes (why beet digger? why not). There are practical reasons to pay attention: the runways always predict color trends and the subtle changes in styles eventually trickle down to us, the Prada-less. But most of all, it’s luxuriating in a fantasy. And what is the most transformative, fantastical item? The gown.

I’m not saying all of these will be red carpet mainstays (though I’m positive someone will be wearing that Zac Posen — I mean, damn!), but I want to be all of these girls. There is something to be desired here, and it’s not being skinny and tall–which is how I read a lot of runway clothes–but I see where the gowns are taking these girls and I want to go there.

{1. Zac Posen / 2. Marchesa / 3. Rodarte / 4. Zac Posen / 5. Oscar de la Renta / 6. Marchesa}

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3 thoughts on “new york fashion week spring 2012

  1. Anni

    That black Zac Posen needs to get in my closet now.

    My favorite part of fashion is (as you alluded to) how transformative it is. My bank account regrets that I go different places (and I go differently) when I’m wearing something that I’m proud of, that has a lot of thought put into it.

    1. Colleen Post author

      Reminds me of my high school outlook on outfits: I could not waste a good one on just any day. Things had to happen in that outfit!


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