Monthly Archives: July 2011

accident update

I’ve had some follow-up appointments now and while the news is mostly good, there’s also a small setback. The good news is I’m good to fly and my injuries are all healing well. Bad news is I have a fracture in my knee the hospital didn’t catch. My knee was always extremely swollen in the hospital and I complained about it, but I had thought it was x-rayed during my initial ER intake. After looking at all of the documentation from my release, it was clear my knee was never actually examined. {more}

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thank you

It’s been a week since the accident and all I feel is gratitude.

Gratitude for this body that may never wear a bikini again. Gratitude for seat belts and airbags, and timing that could have been much worse. For modern medicine and insurance. For my family and my husband, who kept late nights at the hospital and long days.

And then a wonderful thing happened: a note, meant for my ten or so readers, found so many of you. Thank you for all of the messages and support. I rationed out the comments to get through particularly boring spells at the hospital, which helped so much.

I’m doing a lot better, so the worst is definitely over. I’ll update as much as I can, but it’ll be a while till the blog returns to its normal format — at least until I get home to New York.

– Colleen