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love for ‘leen

Hi all. Lauren here, hijacking Colleen’s blog for a bit just to share a bit of not-so-great news as to why our dear ‘leen has been absent.

On Thursday morning, Colleen, her mother, and Claire [their family Standard Poodle] were in a huge car accident in Indiana– a driver lost control of her vehicle, swerved into oncoming traffic, and hit Colleen head-on. Said driver was killed in the accident, mother and Claire had minor injuries, and Colleen has been in the hospital since Thursday. She’s had two surgeries– one for internal bleeding, and then another today for her wrist, which is totally messed up.

Leave some love for Colleen, if you would. I’m sure she could use a little extra juju right now.

Signing off for now, will update more if the need arises.

It was a slow week for me pinning. Monday’s my birthday though, so all is forgiven. Yes I can do that.

Brooklyn Magazine‘s summer issue is here. I haven’t tracked down a copy yet but intend to do so. I really love their typesetting.

Are you obsessed with the Robyn video yet? If not, you will be.

As always, you can follow me on Pinterest. Have a nice weekend!

my little home: sleek shelves

floating kitchen shelves
As is probably abundantly clear, our kitchen is small. It’s not only small, only one wall has cabinets. So there’s a definite storage issue and one of our solutions was installing two stainless steel shelves.

The bottom shelf holds our workhorse items — dinner plates, ┬ásoup bowls, and our “personal” mugs. The top shelf is a bit underused; I have very few serving pieces, it turns out, that I’ve deemed pretty enough to display!