So I survived my first two days as a design intern at Lonny Magazine.

It was kind of amazing walking into a job, instantly loving the people, the environment, and the work. I’m getting down and dirty with design, tightening layouts but also getting asked my opinion about things that are BIG DEALS. The day flies by, which is not something I’ve ever experienced in my job before.

The lovely office definitely helps. And the gorgeous pictures I’m working with. And the non-boring fonts. And the office music. I love being in Manhattan, dressing for humans and not my cat, and making pretty things.

Happy weekend! I’m already looking forward to Monday.

{Image of inspiration wall at Lonny}

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6 thoughts on “lonny love

  1. Lanny

    omg! So jealous you get to intern for Lonny magazine! Been a lover of the publication since the founders were at Domino. Best of luck and excited to read more about your adventures of a newly wed and Lonny intern! :) cheers

  2. kathleen

    That sounds absolutely amazing! I have never experienced the phenomenon of looking forward to Mondays — you’re so lucky. I’m jealous :) Hope it just keeps getting better!


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