We have all nearly escaped February. It’s an inevitable release. But there are some upsides to winter — the excuse to stay indoors, reading books you’ve neglected or, confession time, watching the Kardashians.

I’ll admit I barely paid attention to fashion week. I watched Marc Jacobs and flipped through the Kate Spade lookbook (pictured above), but I cannot bring myself to be excited about another winter. This is always the most desperate part of the season. The cold feels relentless. The charm of snow and slush is gone. No one is dreaming of ice skating and chestnuts anymore. We want pure, skin-singeing heat. Shorts and skirts without tights. Brilliant beautiful sun.

And yet, a mod pink coat with driving gloves makes me swoon over falling leaves for a good five seconds. That will do.

{Kate Spade via WWD / 718 Font – Terminal Design}

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