I went to a matinee of Swan Lake as a little treat to myself. I loved when my mom would take me to ballets as a kid. So when I figured out that season passes could be affordable for the New York City Ballet, I bought one, just for me.

I’ve seen Swan Lake a few times before, most notably a traveling company of the Bolshoi in Chicago. But nothing compares to Balanchine choreography. Exquisite.

Also one bit of housekeeping: I’ve added a Tumblr link, called signifiers of style. I started posting random pictures I take there, plus pictures I find around the internet. I like Pinterest, but I think I like the Tumblr format more. I will never be an actual outfit blogger, but if you want to see some semblance of outfits out of context, that’s the place they’ll be, in addition to lots of mini updates.

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