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This weekend we went to New York for what has got to be one of the most magical weather-wise weekends ever. On Sunday we shopped around Soho and Greenwich Village and grabbed brunch in Nolita.

On Monday we had yet another brunch at The Breslin in the Ace Hotel, where I had way too many pastries. We then hit up the Empire State Building, (which is way less impressive than the Sears Tower observation deck!), walked through Central Park, strolled through the first floor of the Met (because at this point stairs looked impossible to us), and then refueled at Shake Shack on the Upper East Side. At that point we were exhausted but still had several hours until our train back to DC, so we slipped into a showing of The Social Network, which was good but now I fear we have bedbugs. After Sorkin’ out, we made one more pilgrimage: to Dylan’s Candy Bar to make sure we were properly sugared up for the Amtrak ride.

All in all, lovely weekend.

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5 thoughts on “gallery: new york

  1. Liz

    so glad you had a lovely time. after writing my suggestions I got a serious pang of missing-nyc, even though this past may you couldn’t pay me enough money to get out there fast enough… more than a little ironic.

    two thoughts:

    1. you make me rethink my “no bangs” policy. alas my forehead cowlick will ultimately win, ever time.

    2.your sunglasses. do not say they’re vintage, I’m due for another pair that isn’t from the Century21 sale rack. (again, my austin local is rather unfortunate for said bevvy of discount stores.)

    3. have you ever been to ABC Home near Union Square? dangerous.

    1. Colleen Post author

      1. I generally support bangs!
      2. Sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs.
      3. No, but now I wish I stopped there!


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