working for the weekend work

pink stripe wallsI’m not entirely sure from where I summoned the energy this weekend. I work 10-12 hours every day, and basically become one with my sofa at the end of the day. So when I woke up on Saturday, I surprised even myself with my newfound zest for getting shit done.

As you can see above, I painted some stripes in the entry. You can look at my Instagram for process photos; fret not, I definitely did not reinvent the stripe-painting wheel. We did use a laser level which sped up the process considerably. The last time I had to paint stripes was for the set of Damn Yankees in high school, and I have avoided stripes ever since. Until yesterday, so thanks laser gizmo.

The color is Benjamin Moore Country Pink. The ultra fancy way I selected this color was as follows: I held up a bunch of pink paint cards to my rug, picked the card that had a pink that most resembled the pink in my living room rug, then stepped down from there. So the match was Pink Popsicle and I stepped down to the second lightest color. I might be wondering if I shouldn’t have gone for the lightest pink, but hey, that’s what instagram filters are for.

I only painted the stripes on one wall in our entry too. It’s the wall you can see from both the living room and dining room, so it’s the most bang for my buck (and time). I’ve ordered a big mirror, and I’m still rooting around for a console or chest. Inching ever closer though.

putting winter away

sweater bag jeweled sweater sequin sweaterIt’s been a bit of a manic week here. Last week was bridal market in New York, and I covered a lot of the shows backstage. Lots and lots of hoofing it around the city, but I didn’t mind because it was beautiful out. (It didn’t hurt either that I got to sit front row at Jenny Packham and interview Monique Lhuillier!)

On Saturday the high was 70, and due in part to the blisters on my feet from the previous day’s show-hopping, I wore sandals to all my backstage interviews. The day started off pretty chilly, and I got some looks, but oh man, did it feel good to have my tootsies out.

But what really spurred me to pack up my sweaters is the utter disaster area that is our bedroom right now. My bulky sweaters take up two full drawers in my dresser–much-needed storage space now that I can start wearing lighter clothes again, clothes that are currently sitting out on any available surface.

I ordered cotton and PEVA storage bags–cotton so they can breathe–along with wool shampoo and spray. I washed some of the sweaters in a mesh bag on the delicate cycle with the shampoo, others I was less optimistic about and hand-washed. Once dry, I folded up all of the sweaters and spritzed them with the spray, which is supposed to be both a moth repellant and freshener.

I feel so damn organized.

bar cart action

rattan bar cartI thought by now I’d have my dining room curtains installed, and I’d have a marvelous post about the transformative power of drapery. Ha. Turns out, there was a small mix up with my custom rod order, and the rod I waited a month for was not actually my rod. A new one is on its way, but alas, I don’t have much to show in the way of progress.

So how about a bar cart? I bought mine back in December, and promptly used it for our New Year’s Eve party. I never really styled it–just filled it with what I had and what seemed practical. I prefer keeping the top clear so I can actually fix drinks on it, rather than contend with a mass of objets. I try not to overcomplicate drinking.

Some of my bar tools have sold out (like that nifty brass jigger), but you can shop the rest (and some things I would like) below.

weekend reading

salsa red wallsFirst week at my new job is in the books. I’m slowly adjusting to working full-time again; right now when I finish for the day, I just recede into the sofa, not to move until bedtime. Work, man.

The Guess Supermodel-style shoot with Maggie Geha on Ann Street Studio is probably my favorite thing this week.

Jess from The Love List waxes poetic about oysters, and more. I’m a midwesterner through and through, so her southern perspective always fascinates me.

I love this illustrated Dior tabletop scheme on The Coveteur.

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6 cottage entry essentials

cottage console

Original image by Paul Whicheloe

I’ve been looking for entry inspiration, especially anything with storage that doesn’t amount to pre-school cubbies. So when I found Janet Gregg’s home in Cottage Living, I took note of this vignette. Lots of clever containers with laid-back style.

Jaeva Table Lamp – Lulu & Georgia / Atlantis Clam Shell – Z Gallerie / Mandarin Altar Table – Home Decorators / Elephant Hamper – Home Decorators / Java Tribal Ikat Pillow – Society Social / Tortoise Bamboo Chair – Maison Midi